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New Energy Saving LED Tube Replaces
Fluorescent Lighting

LEDs America, Inc. is proud to introduce a real alternative to fluorescent lighting: its new LED tubes

LEDs America Press Release - 4/15/2009

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Led-O™ LED tubes

Led-O™ LED tubes

JUPITER, Fl. - LEDs America, Inc.™, (, is proud to announce a real alternative to fluorescent lighting: its new Led-O™ LED tubes, which are both energy saving and safe. Led-O™ tubes use 40 to 70-percent less energy and last six times as long as fluorescent bulbs. They are also environmentally friendly and do not contain dangerous mercury or emit infrared or ultraviolet radiation. LEDs America is offering a product that finally retrofits old 4" fluorescent fixtures and gives off enough light to no longer be considered merely decorative.

"Up until now, most LED's only put out 800 to 1,200 Lumens. Led-O tubes give off 2,000 to 2,400 Lumens," says Michael Conner of LEDs America, Inc. And even with the increased light output, the tubes remain cool to the touch.

There are many other pluses, which include:

o Durability - LED-O bulbs do not break easily and have a high tolerance to vibration

o Not Sensitive to Cold - LEDs perform well in temperatures from -40C° to 185C°, making them ideal for applications subject to frequent on-off cycling, such as garages and basements

o Directional distribution of light - good for interior task lighting

o Substantial savings on maintenance costs - thus ROI is 12 months, or so

o Fully dimmable - LEDs do not change their color tint when dimmed unlike incandescent lamps that turn yellow

o No frequency interference - no ballast to interfere with radio and television signals

o Environmentally friendly - LEDs do not contain Mercury, Argon, Xenon, Neon or Krypton gases

o Safe - LEDs do not emit infrared or ultraviolet radiation

o Light up immediately

o Easily disposed

LED lamps have a higher initial cost, but the long term savings will more than make up for it. They are available in tubes, bulbs and light bars. Prices start at $46 for a 4" tube.

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About LEDs America, Inc.™

LEDsAmerica was started to distribute the Led-O brand.

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