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Ansmann USA Targets Schools & Churches
with Green Rechargeable Battery Technology

Ansmann USA has a powerful, economical, rechargeable battery solution that saves hundreds, even thousands, year after year

Ansmann USA Press Release - 4/27/2009

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Ansmann Recharging Systems

Ansmann Recharging Systems

DEPTFORD, N.J. - Ansmann USA and Horizon Battery launches a new website, to assist schools, theaters and churches switching from disposable alkalines to money-saving, planet-saving rechargeable batteries and chargers. Every year, schools, theaters and churches throw away over 200 million alkaline batteries - just to run their wireless mics and other portable electronics.

"There are approximately 350,000 churches in the US," explains David Schliep, President, Ansmann USA. "If each church uses just 2 alkaline batteries, 2x a week; the church community throws away over 72 million alkaline batteries every year. Add schools and theaters to that number and they're well on the way to building a massive 200 million piece 'dead battery mountain' every year."

"Going green used to be a passing thought but today, with tight budgets and greater emphasis to convert facilities to greener operations, the switch to rechargeable batteries is a literal no-brainer" says Schliep. "Besides saving the environment, this is one green project that actually cost you less -- not more -- to convert."

The average house of worship saves about $400 per year for five to seven years by switching to an Ansmann recharging system. Production companies, like clients Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group, save even more. Schools and universities convert their complete AV department to Ansmann rechargeable batteries and shave thousands of the yearly battery budgets. Churches alone in the US could collectively save over 140 million dollars each year instead of throwing batteries away. In today's tough economic times and decreased giving from church congregants, tightening up on expendables proves to be a real savings.

"Our new website and new introductory movie help clients decide what batteries and chargers are right for their application. We customize recharging systems specifically for the type and number of wireless units, run-time requirements, and other technical and performance considerations," states Schliep.

The goal is to simply explain the nuts and bolts of rechargeable technology and eliminate the old fallacies concerning rechargeable batteries and wireless mics. In the past, a switch to rechargeable batteries was considered taboo. Those clients seeking to save money need to know that rechargeables will really work for them, without compromising performance. Still, the old school of thought lingers among some audio techs, particularly those who have tried consumer grade rechargeable batteries and battery chargers with poor results.

"That's why we offer a 30-day trial period on all our chargers and batteries. In addition, Ansmann warrants the batteries for a two year period and battery chargers for three years," explains Schliep. "In 11 years of offering rechargeable batteries for wireless mics our return rate is miniscule. The hardest part of our business is getting churches or schools to try our products. Once they do, we rarely hear from them again - until they need to buy more batteries, about 5-7 years later."

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