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Turn Earth Day Into Earth Night
With Hybrid-Solar Flashlight

The Earth-friendly Hybrid Solar Lite provides 10 hours of bright light and recharges under the sun or indoor light

Hybrid Light LC Press Release - 4/27/2009

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Hybrid Solar Lite

A recyclable lithium battery provides backup power. This flashlight is perfect for everyday and emergency use. Save money on batteries you no longer need to buy, and help save the Earth by keeping landfills free of discarded, toxic batteries.

ST. GEORGE, Ut. - On Earth Day 2009, consumers worldwide will be on the lookout for the latest in green goods. The Hybrid Solar Lite is the perfect item for individuals, households, businesses, and government agencies that wish to do their part to make Earth a cleaner, more livable planet.

The EPA estimates that some 3 billion batteries pollute U.S. landfills annually. Tossing batteries from just four flashlights per American household contributes roughly 1.7 billion of these wasted batteries. These discarded batteries can leak toxins into soil and even water supplies. Because the Hybrid Solar Lite does not require disposable batteries, it slashes the number of batteries that languish in garbage dumps. A typical household can pay for the Hybrid Solar Lite in one year with the money it saves on batteries it no longer needs to purchase.

This unique flashlight uses a rechargeable solar-power collector and a long-lasting, recyclable lithium battery. It offers a piercing 40 lumens of light and performs reliably in general home use, the great outdoors, law enforcement, and emergencies.

The Hybrid Solar Lite is waterproof up to 80 feet, and it floats. It is rechargeable through outdoor and indoor light via its embedded solar panel. It holds its charge over three years and can be stored anywhere. It is made of recycled plastic, employs alternative energy, and helps its owners prepare for natural disasters. The Hybrid Solar Lite is guaranteed for life.

The Hybrid Solar Lite is available online at or by phone at 800-365-0350. As an Earth Day special, customers who type in or mention the coupon code "EARTH" will receive a free, eco-friendly LED keychain valued at $4.95.

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