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Photoluminescent Plastics Glows
for 32 Plus Hours!

Chroma's new Photoluminescent products are designed for use out doors

Chroma Corporation Press Release - 4/29/2009

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Chroma Corporation Glow Compound

Chroma Corporation Glow Compound is designed for outdoor use

McHENRY, Il. - Chroma Corporation is offering light stable thermoplastic glow compounds, some glow as long as 32 HOURS!

This new product offering is truly unique. The old glow materials would not glow after 100 hours of exposure to outdoor light. Chroma's new Photoluminescent products are designed for use out doors. Some have been measured to glow for over 32+ hours! They are light stable and designed for outdoor use!

Potential applications include: Rotational molded marine navigation buoys, Injection molded EXIT signs, profile extruded strips for Exit isle delimitations, buttons on electronic devices, Dashboards, cup holders, seat belt release buttons, etc.

Imagine a product that recharges itself, requires no maintenance, can not be accidentally turned off, and uses no light bulbs, batteries, or wiring! It is now a reality and available from Chroma Corporation.

These products start glowing as bright as a nuclear fuel rod and our products are non-radioactive!

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