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Magnalight Introduces LED T Series Bulbs
for Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lights

The 24 watt LED fluorescent replacement tubes produce 2200 lumens and last 50,000 hours

Larson Electronics Magnalight Press Release - 5/20/2009

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Magnalight LEDT-24W bulbs

Magnalight LEDT-24W bulbs

DALLAS, Tx. - The pin configuration on the T-series 24 watt LED bulbs are compatible with all fluorescent light fixtures. These LED bulbs can be installed directly in fluorescent lights with magnetic ballasts for older retrofits, but require bypassing the ballast in the newer fixtures with electronic ballasts. The LEDT-24W bulbs are 4 foot alternatives to the standard T8, T12 and T5 fluorescent lamps and require power at one end only, simplifying the installation. These proprietary LED bulbs are approximately 15% brighter than 32 watt T8 bulbs when measured with an Extech light meter at 2 feet from the fixture.

"We primarily designed these Led T series bulbs for our explosion proof and hazardous location fluorescent lights, including the EPL-48-2L and HAL-48-2L," explained Rob Bresnahan, President of Larson Electronics. "We needed an extremely durable lamp that would perform comparably to the high output bulbs we typically use while producing less heat. These bulbs are made with Samsung LED's that are fully potted in an aluminum housing and protected with a polycarbonate lens. As such, these fixtures are durable, produce minimal heat and have operating lives rated at 50,000 hours. Explosion proof lights, paint spray booth lights and hazardous location lights are typically more difficult to re-lamp due to their sealed design. These LED bulbs offer durability and longevity, while reducing the need to re-lamp as often. Even the T5 lamps are only rated at 25,000 hours. From a price comparison standpoint, 2 LED T-series bulbs are significantly more expensive than comparable T5, T8 or T12 bulbs. However, the lower current draw and re-lamping costs may make up for that cost depending on the environment. Facilities need considered the costs associated with man-hours and equipment, including lifts, ladders, etc. involved in re-lamping fluorescent fixtures to get a better understanding of the true cost of ownership. On the electric demand side, we typically ship our explosion proof paint spray booth certified fixtures like the EPL-48-2L with T12HO or T5HO fixtures. That means 120 watts per fixture. Using these LEDT-24W fixtures creates a total of 48 watts, which can lower the kilowatt/hour usage by more than half which could be useful for facilities faced with electric utility threshold usage costs.

"Other benefits include the ability to use these bulbs in older magnetic ballast driven fixtures without changing the ballast or the fixture, which translates to significant replacement cost savings for facilities laden with older magnetic type fluorescent lights. On units with electronic ballasts, users will bypass the ballast, which translates into savings associated with replacing ballasts, which is more time consuming than re-lamping. "

Rob continued, "Operators can use these bulbs in any fluorescent fixture that takes T5, T8 and T12 bulbs ranging for 120 volts to 277 volts. We are even working on 24 volts AC models for the newer standards for rig lights. Our LEDT-24W LED bulbs carry a 2 year warranty and are available as an upgrade for any of our explosion proof fluorescent lights, paint spray booth lights and hazardous location lights. We also sell these bulbs by the pair on"

Rob concluded, "Larson Electronics Magnalight is not new to the LED market, having made and sold a wide variety of high powered lighting solutions for handheld (HL-85-10W), vehicle mount (LED10W-6R) and boat (LEDLB-24B) applications for several years. Our tripod mount WALTP-L2X4 combines our low voltage LED emitters with a stout tripod for portable scene lighting and first responder portable tower lighting. Our LEDLB-24VIR is a combination visible and infrared emitter that is used on the MRAP military vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our LEDLB-20 visible and infrared emitters are installed on military HMMVW all around the world to auxiliary road lighting, IED identification, etc. We have a wealth of the experience with LED lighting and how to make and deliver durable, high output LED lights that survive under the worst conditions. These LEDT-24W incorporate that knowledge, testing and field experience."

Rob explained further, "All organizations need to carefully consider their choice of vendors. Developing, selling and supporting LED lighting requires deep knowledge and a fairly wide range of experience. Larson Electronics Magnalight has built and shipped thousands of LED lights for a wide range of applications. Customers considering LED lighting need to evaluate the history and future of their lighting provider. Larson Electronics has been solely focused on the lighting business for 40 years and continues to develop new solutions for our growing customer base."

You can learn more about Larson Electronics at or by calling 1-800-369-6671.

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