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OTC Recognizes Innovative Solar Battery
Charging and Maintenance System

Solar Battery Charging System Wins 2009 Spotlight on New Technologies Award

Specialized Products Company Press Release - 5/20/2009

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2-Watt SolarPulse charger

2-Watt SolarPulse charger

HOUSTON, Tx. - Specialized Products Company, through its affiliate corporation, PulseTech Products, has been recognized as a 2009 Spotlight on New Technologies Award winner at the Offshore Technologies Conference (OTC).

OTC, held May 4-7th in Houston, has recognized the Southlake, Texas-based company for its innovative work in battery maintenance, conditioning and charging through the development of the new SP-25 solar powered battery charging and maintenance system and the company's proprietary Pulse Technology.

Specialized Products Company and its affiliate, PulseTech Products Corporation (, is one of 14 technologies to be so recognized at the conference, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Rated at 1.6 amps, the 25-Watt SolarPulse(R) charges, maintains and de-sulfates all types of 12-volt lead-acid batteries including Standard, AGM and Gel types. It's designed to work with either single batteries or up to four batteries connected in parallel. The SP-25 is rated as the most effective solar charger on the market.

As a battery ages through use or sits unused for periods of time, lead sulfate crystals can enlarge and build-up excessively to the point where they create a physical barrier across the surface of the battery plates. Before long, this build-up can become so dense that a battery is no longer able to accept or release energy.

When mounted on any vehicle or equipment, the SP-25 is an entirely automatic battery conditioning and charge / maintenance system. It combines the company's patented, high frequency Pulse Technology with a microprocessor controlled intelligent charging algorithms to charge, condition and maintain vehicle and equipment batteries; extending battery performance and useful life.

For more information on the SP-25, please call 1-800-580-7554 and ask for Mike Donaldson.

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