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Innovative VARTA Solar Charger
for the Environmentally Aware

Solar Charger from VARTA charges mobile phones and other mobile devices with power derived solely from solar energy

VARTA Press Release - 5/21/2009

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VARTA Solar Charger

VARTA Solar Charger

ELLWANGEN, Germany - Summertime is best enjoyed outdoors. And summer trips and excursions call for trusty electronic companions which will never let you down. Your MP3 player needs to keep playing your favourite songs right into the final evening of your camping weekend. And there's nothing worse than a mobile phone running out of power on a long trip home from your summer holiday. The new Solar Charger from VARTA now offers a simple solution to such problems. The device's rechargeable batteries supply mobile devices with fresh energy via the USB output. To recharge the Solar Charger's batteries, the cover is simply opened up and the device is placed in the sun. Charging then begins immediately. And on rainy days or in the evening, you can connect your laptop to the USB input as a power supply.

"The new Solar Charger is a particularly environment-friendly innovation which also offers customers maximum flexibility. Sustainable products are very much in demand at present. Consumers live their lives with considerably more environmental awareness than in the past and seek alternatives which use regenerative sources of energy. We are thus confident that this new charger will offer retailers attractive added value," observes Peter Werner, Senior Marketing Director Batteries and International Key Account Coordinator at Varta.

The Solar Charger will be available from retailers as of June 2009, at a price of € 39.99. The scope of delivery includes two Ready2Use AA batteries and six charging adapters for the most common mobile phones (including the new EU standard Micro USB) and mobile devices.

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