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Iain Sinclair Introduces New
EON Mk2 Black

Slimmer. Lighter. Brighter. Greener. Tougher: the new more powerful EVERLASTING FLASHLIGHT in Black

Iain Sinclair Design Press Release - 5/21/2009

Sinclair EON Mk2 Flashlight

LONDON, United Kingdom - Iain Sinclair® today introduced the new credit card sized EON Mk2 Black® torch/flashlight.

No battery cells to buy or change, no lamps to blow, no environmental pollution or waste, no winding, shaking or charging required (10 year shelf life guaranteed) - EON Mk2 Black® is expected to swiftly become the new industry standard for LED torch/flashlights as it renders all known rivals wasteful and obsolete:

"Companies that market 'gas guzzling' and bulky rivals are missing the point. EON Mk2 Black® is comparable with a 3 watt LED flashlight (blisteringly bright), but yet comes packed with enough fuel to power it for ten years!" said Grant Sinclair, Director of Iain Sinclair Ltd. "EON Mk2 Black® is a high performance flashlight, but weighs only 28 grams and can easily slip into the pocket, wallet or kit bag!".

Now in its second generation, the new EON Mk2 Black® ultra slim flashlight has four times the light output of the original EON - (the World's first Flashlight to use superbright white LEDs). Housed in a rugged, hermetically sealed (waterproof), ZYTEL RS - renewable source polyamide eco-body, EON Mk2 Black® also features dual function, twin ultrabright white and twin discreet red LEDs together with new increased power and electronic switching.

The first credit card sized EON (launched in 1998) had a power on time of 168 hours, meaning that for average use, there is no need to change the battery cells - the new cleaner tech EON Mk2 Black® has a power on time of over 200 hours (auto shutdown prevents the flashlight being left on accidentally).

Maximum power (provided by a Swiss-made 24 volt battery cluster), has been shoe horned and welded into the ultra slim, credit card sized polyamide enclosure and ensures unrivalled power to weight and reliability (most normal torch/flashlights suffer from poor battery contacts at some time).

Using state of the art, miniature electronics including the smallest all in one personal computer micro chip in the world, Iain Sinclair has created a whole new category of consumer products - ultra thin computer flashlights.

EON Mk2 Black® is made from superlight ZYTEL RS - renewable source polyamide. The supertough polyamide body is magnetic and includes a diamond knurl pattern on both sides to aid grip. Beautifully tactile button switches complete the highest quality flashlight user experience.

EON Mk2 Black® has been designed from the ground up to be easily manufactured by robot in any worldwide territory where they are to be delivered - avoiding expensive non-ecologocial shipping costs.

Iain Sinclair invented the world's first flat flashlight in 1987, the world's first smart flashlight in 1988 and launched the worlds first white LED flashlight in 1998. EON Mk2 Black is an amalgamation of all these three firsts.

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Pricing & Availability

EON Mk2 Black® is available to pre-order now and is expected to ship worldwide in late summer and will be launched as part of a collection of seven other products including EON Mk2 Eternity® (luxury platinum version), EON Mk2 Deep® (sports version), EON Mk2 Classic® (stainless steel designer version) plus several other highly innovative and desirable products.

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