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Luminit Announces Expansion of
Mass Production Capacity

Completed expansion of its production facilities and integration of new system for production of its Light Shaping Diffuser product® line

Luminit LLC Press Release - 5/31/2009

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Light Shaping Diffusers

Luminit has aided customers in their design and supplies Light Shaping Diffusers to companies specializing in illuminators for night vision and gun-sighting applications.

TORRANCE, Ca. - Luminit LLC, a worldwide leader in technical innovation in shaping and diffusing light, today announced it has completed the expansion of its production facilities and the integration of a major new roll-to-roll system for production of its Light Shaping Diffuser product® line. This expansion includes a 50% increase in floor space, and a multi-million dollar investment in facilities and equipment.

The new custom designed roll-to-roll system is now fully operational and expands Luminit's production capacity by an order of magnitude. It is enclosed in its own clean room to prevent particulate contamination and can operate at high speeds, imprinting our holographically mastered structures on polycarbonate or polyester film at up to 200 feet per minute. In addition to this system, our new facility also enables us to operate our previously existing production equipment in a cleaner, more productive environment.

Engin Arik, PhD, President & CEO of Luminit commented "We are excited about our new expanded facilities and particularly about our new roll-to-roll web production system. We are now able to produce a much larger quantity of better quality products at lower cost."

Luminit is a privately held, high technology company specializing in custom and standard holographic diffusers based on multiple technology patents. Luminit's commercial experience covers applications including LED lighting, architectural lighting, bio-medical, semiconductor metrology, aerospace, automotive and display applications. Luminit's Light Shaping Diffusers are available directly or through a network of domestic and international distributors.

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