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Panasonic Emergency Light Provides Solution
For Emergency Preparedness

Installs Anywhere For Instant Access To Up To 18 Hours* of Light During Blackouts and Severe Weather Situations

Panasonic Energy Corporation of America Press Release - 6/8/2009

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Panasonic Emergency Light

Panasonic Emergency Light

SECAUCUS, N.J. - Panasonic Energy Corporation of America, a leader in consumer and commercial battery products, announced today the introduction of its popular Emergency Light in the United States. The Emergency Light, which has an SRP of $14.99, has been widely adopted around the world and in commercial applications such as hotels, hospitals, factories and corporate and government offices due to its ease of use and installation.

The Panasonic Emergency Light, which is powered by two D-cell replaceable batteries (sold separately), can be easily wall-mounted anywhere fast access to lighting is needed. An automatic switch feature turns the Emergency Light on automatically when removed from its holder, providing the user with up to 18 hours* of portable, emergency lighting from its high-luminance krypton bulb. To save battery power when not in use, the battery is disengaged when returned to its holder. The exterior case of the flashlight also has markings which illuminate in the dark, making it easy to find when the lights go out.

"As the hurricane season approaches and summer storms bring the threat of power outages, the Panasonic Emergency Light provides a highly cost effective and reliable option to ensure easy access to lighting in emergency situations," said Ted Czauski , Panasonic's Senior Sales Manager. "Relying on generators or other back-up systems may not provide enough of the necessary light where it is needed during an emergency or severe weather situation. Unlike the regular flashlight hidden in a closet or buried in a junk drawer, Panasonic's Emergency Light is mounted to the wall so you'll always know exactly where it is."

Panasonic's Emergency Light is already utilized in many leading institutions and facilities around the world as well as in private homes. Facilities managers, plant managers, health and safety executives, and school and government officials have installed Panasonic Emergency Lights to offer employees, residents and visitors an extra level of safety preparedness for a minimal investment.

The Panasonic Emergency Light is available in the United States exclusively through Panasonic Authorized Distributors including:

New York:Bulbtronics1-800-624-2852
North Carolina:ECVC Inc.1-800-758-4188
Georgia:Jireh Supplies1-800-478-2591
California:Tenergy Corp1-510-687-0388

For more information on Panasonic's Emergency Light, contact Keith Gann at 205.221.7484 or via e-mail at batteries(at)

**With two standard D-sized replaceable alkaline batteries. Approximately 8 hours with Super Heavy Duty carbon zinc batteries.

About Panasonic Energy Corporation of America

Based in Secaucus, N.J., Panasonic Energy Corporation of America is a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC) and the hub of Panasonic's U.S. marketing, sales, service and R&D operations. Information about Panasonic products is available at

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