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Enfis EVO Center Offers Advanced Tools
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Offers Advice, Equipment, Design Software, Simulation and Testing of Concepts for Design, Integration and Market Entry

Enfis Lighting Press Release - 6/8/2009

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Enfis Lighting

Enfis Lighting

BEDMINSTER, N.J. - Enfis Lighting (LSE: ENF), an innovator of intelligent LED lighting systems and technologies, today announced the introduction of the Enfis EVO Center to its recently opened North American operations. The Enfis EVO Center, which provides a host of engineering and design services, focuses primary on assisting customers in developing their next generation of LED-based lighting applications. These services include both proof of concept and optical development services.

"With our proof of concept services customers can confirm the viability of Enfis LED lighting technology in their applications," said Dan Polito, President of Enfis Lighting North America. "This is typically facilitated via application demos, or by incorporating Enfis LED lighting technology into our customer's electronic circuit designs which can also include their current lighting fixtures. For example, customers such as North Star Lighting, Designed Architectural Lighting (DAL), NuTech, Itre, Light Beam, Gekko and others have all taken advantage of the Enfis EVO Center and are currently displaying their products with "Enfis inside" at the Lightfair International Trade Show and Conference in New York this week."

With comprehensive optical services Enfis also offers LED and LED lighting system assessment capabilities. "The reality is that customers can now utilize the knowledge and experience of our SSL engineers to verify designs thereby reducing their application development time," said Polito.

The Enfis EVO Center also provides customers with access to some of the most specialized measurement, simulation and design equipment available, including:

-- High precision illuminance (lux) and luminance (nit) meters

-- Spectroradiometers

-- Goniometers

-- Integrating spheres

-- ZemaxT82;, LightTools™ and ASAP™ optical simulation and design software

""Having access to an experienced SSL engineering and design team has been fundamental to my customers' ability to rapidly advance and successfully enter the marketplace with their next generation of LED lighting fixtures and project designs," said Richard Ancas, president of A&D Projects, whose firm represents some of the world's leading lighting fixture manufacturers.

About Enfis Lighting

Enfis Lighting (LSE: ENF) designs, manufactures and markets intelligent, high-power, 'tunable' LED lighting with a focus on providing cutting-edge solutions that can be easily integrated into luminaires, fixtures and custom projects. The company's expertise covers semiconductor technology, packaging, thermal management, optics, electronic design, software and volume manufacturing.

Enfis 'smart' LED array technology offers luminarie and fixture manufacturers unsurpassed optical white light output. Their ultra-bright, multi-watt, multi-wavelength 'smart' LEDs are designed so that each wavelength can be individually controlled and monitored. Each Enfis 'smart' LED array has active color temperature and heat-sensing components that control, calibrate and regulate the light output of each wavelength on the array for the lifetime of the component.

More information about the company's LED products and solid-state lighting technologies can be found at

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