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Pure Energy Announces
New European Distributor

Has signed a rechargeable battery distribution agreement with Platinet S.A. (Platinet), based in Krakow, Poland

Pure Energy Visions Corporation Press Release - 6/18/2009

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Rechargeable alkaline batteries

Rechargeable alkaline batteries and chargers from Pure Energy

TORONTO, Canada - Pure Energy Visions Corporation (TSX - VX: PEV, FWB: XYQ), ("Pure Energy" or the "Corporation"), the leading Canadian provider of environmentally responsible rechargeable battery products, announced today that it has signed a rechargeable battery distribution agreement with Platinet S.A. (Platinet), based in Krakow, Poland.

Since 2001, Platinet has been a major distributor of electronic products and computer accessories to leading electronics, hypermarket and mass merchandising retailers in a number of European countries. Platinet distributes products from a number of leading companies including Kodak, Panasonic, Verbatim, Disney, Samsung, Sony, Maxell and Philips. Products include batteries, data-storage media, computer mice, keyboards, headsets, multimedia cleaning products, along with many other products.

"We look forward to working with Platinet," said Paul W. Simmonds, Pure Energy's President and CEO. "They have a very strong reputation in Poland and surrounding countries. We believe that Pure Energy and our rechargeable batteries will be a great compliment to their other leading brands."

"Until now there has never been a cost effective, rechargeable battery in our market that can be used in so many consumer applications," stated Grzegorz Waclawski the Foreign Trade Manager of Platinet. By offering consumers a battery with high performance, cost savings and environmental superiority, we expect Pure Energy's Rechargeable Alkaline batteries to quickly become a very popular product with retailers and consumers."

About Pure Energy's Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries:

Pure Energy's advanced formula Rechargeable Alkaline batteries are the only rechargeable batteries that can be used in any application that uses throw-away alkaline batteries. They can be recharged hundreds of times leading to cost savings for consumers and less greenhouse gas emissions and waste entering landfill compared to throw-away alkaline batteries. Rechargeable Alkaline batteries do not contain heavy metals such as cadmium or mercury and offer several performance and cost advantages in a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) products over other rechargeable batteries including an industry leading 7 year shelf life - 40 times longer than regular rechargeable NiMH batteries.

About Pure Energy Visions Corporation:

Pure Energy is an international consumer and commercial products company focusing on cost effective, environmentally responsible products. The Corporation is a leading supplier of rechargeable batteries and lawn and garden products sold under private label and under the Pure Energy(tm) and Perfectly Natural Solutions™ brands. Through a growing network of strategic partners and distributors, products are sold in over 12 countries by leading retailers and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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