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Hoyttech Introduces New
LED Flashlight and Weaponlight

Hoyttech's HL-1 Tactical Flashlight and WL-1 Weapon Light are first to offer multi-mode application specific operational configurations

Hoyt Technologies, Inc. Press Release - 6/18/2009

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HL-1 Tactical Flashlight

HL-1 Tactical Flashlight from Hoyttech

CANDIA, N.H. - Hoyt Technologies, Inc. (Hoyttech) introduces the industries simplest, most versatile LED flashlight and weapon light systems. While many companies make multi-mode flashlights, Hoyttech is the first to group these modes into various configurations based on the user's application. Illumination modes are grouped logically and provide only the functions you need for Close Quarters Combat, Low Light navigation and room clearing.

"Our goal in developing and releasing this new product line was to increase the users tactical advantage and safety while providing a reliable, high quality tactical light that was specifically configured for various tactical operations. The HL-1 and WL-1 are the first of a series of products intended to meet that goal." - Chris Royer, President. Hoyt Technologies.

Increased tactical advantage and officer safety

The Elliptical beam pattern of WL-1 weapon light provides a wider field of view during room clearing and close quarters tactical operations without wasting light on the ceiling and floor. As a result, the officer sees light in the far corners and other areas that would still be dark with a traditional beam. The WL-1 comes with both the traditional beam bezel and the elliptical beam bezel.

Versatile yet simple

Unlike typical multi-mode flashlights that require you to cycle through all modes whether you want them or not, the HL-1 and WL-1 group only the functions you need into user-selectable, application-specific configurations. These lights have momentary and constant on capability, low, high and disorienting strobe settings as well as S.O.S. and a fully adjustable mode. The simple intuitive single-click and double-click operation make it very simple to use.

About Hoyt Technologies

New Hampshire based Hoyt Technologies has been committed to providing high quality and innovative POV camera and lighting systems for tactical professionals, extreme sports, and motor sports enthusiasts since 2003.

For more information visit contact: Chris Royer, President, Hoyt Technologies, Inc. (603)289-3091,

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