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Larson Electronics Magnalight Press Release - 6/30/2009

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Class 1 LED Beacon with 30 Strobing Light Patterns

Class 1 LED Beacon with 30 Strobing Light Patterns

DALLAS, Tx. - The newest addition to the lineup of LED lights is the CL1B LED flashing beacon, which is a SAE Class 1 rated beacon, indicating that it creates the maximum visibility appropriate for emergency vehicles, first responder applications, airfield site construction, etc. Available in amber, red, blue, green and white, the CL1B measures 4.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches in diameter and offers simulated LED patterns ranging from traditional quad flash strobes to old school rotator light functionality. More importantly, the operator can control the light output, restricting it to 360 degree strobe light functionality or upward flashing projection only.

"This is a true 360 degree flashing hazard beacon light," said Rob Bresnahan, with Larson Electronics. "The configuration of LED's within this beacon enables projection all the way around the beacon as well as straight upwards. Particularly, in the green Led color, this flashing beacon has become popular with airfield operations, both for airport type construction and for military air bases, where identifying vehicles and building placement is important for aircraft landing and taking off. The magnetic mount version features a strong magnetic based encapsulated in a rubber suction cup mount, which enables the operator to take advantage of the 200 pound grip magnetic base without incurring damage to the vehicle's surface. Moreover, the unique cigarette plug has a push button, which enables the operator to cycle forward and backward through the 28 flashing patterns. The permanent mount version offers the same functionality through a simple wiring pigtail."

Rob continued, "We have a seen a wide variety of applications for the CL1B from road side construction to airport construction. A lot of units with green and red LED's are attached to crane booms and other elevated equipment in and around air fields. Now that the warmer weather is here, tug boat and barge operators are using them to identify large, slow moving vessels in waterways. Some of these vessels are massive and at night, small boat operators don't see the outline of the vessel and drive right into them. The low voltage LED's draw minimal current, so a simple step down transformer can be used to power them from 120 volts or they can be tied to 12 Volt or 24 Volt alternator charged battery systems. These strobes and beacons are large and vastly brighter than the typical USCG certified red and green running lights you see on many vessels. They are large and powerful and create a true 360 degree visibility. Most beacons do not have LED mounted facing upwards, so the light cast from the side facing LED's is muted from the air. However, the CL1B and CL1B-M are specifically designed to cast as much flashing hazard light upwards as they do around.

Larson Electronics Magnalight has an extensive range of industrial and military grade LED lighting, including LED strobe lights, LED boat lights and intrinsically safe LED lighting for hazardous location areas. You can learn more about Larson Electronics LLC at or by calling 1-800-369-6671.

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