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Renaissance Lights Up Garage
with 302 Albeo C-Series LED Light Fixtures

Albeo's award winning C-Series reduces energy usage by 55% saving 2 million pounds of CO2 emissions

Albeo Technologies, Inc. Press Release - 7/1/2009

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C-Series LED Linear Suspended Fixture

Albeo's C-Series LED Linear Suspended Fixture

BOULDER, Co. - Albeo Technologies, a leading LED lighting manufacturer, announces the retrofit of the Renaissance on Turtle Creek (Dallas, TX) parking garage with Albeo's award winning C-Series solid-state light fixtures. Albeo's C-Series LED fixtures replaced 175 Watt HID fixtures, providing a long-term sustainable lighting solution.

The installation of three hundred and two (302) Albeo C-Series garage fixtures reduced energy consumption by 55% while improving both the light distribution and increasing the light levels. The project (materials, installation and rebate included) will payback within 1.5 years and reduce CO2 emissions by over 2,000,000 pounds over ten years.

"The Renaissance is in the heart of one of Dallas' finest neighborhoods. Quality lighting is important even in the garage. Albeo's products reduced energy consumption and improved the safety and ambience of the garage," said Duane Bates, General Manager, Premier Communities. "The Albeo fixture outperformed several other LED solutions enabling a compelling payback."

"The performance of Albeo's C-Series LED light fixtures is a result of circuit design, board construction, and fixture design that delivers high light levels with fewer LEDs at lower temperatures," said Paul Winker, Product Manager, Albeo Technologies. "Superior product lifetime is achieved by minimizing the junction to ambient temperature differential and using toroidal transformers, the most durable power conversion device."

In addition to lighting for parking garages, Albeo manufactures Atmosphere™, Brilliance™, and Talea™ LED Lighting solutions for cove, display, and task lighting; SecurityLED™ fixtures for high-abuse applications such as transit, correctional, and institutional facilities; and Albeo's award winning C-Series® LED light fixtures for general lighting applications. Details for the entire product line are available on Albeo's website at

About Albeo Technologies

Albeo Technologies, Inc. manufactures high quality, long-lasting LED lighting products for commercial and industrial facilities that improve energy savings, reduce maintenance costs, and are safe and easy to install. Based on advanced electro-optic technologies, Albeo's reliable light fixtures provide superior performance at lower costs than competing technologies. Albeo's management team has decades of experience in solid-state product development and manufacturing, and continues to deliver new products that enable users to better control their total operating costs.

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