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SANYO Adds Innovative 'eneloop lamp'
to Product Line-Up

An interior light that just by lifting up becomes a flashlight

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Press Release - 7/1/2009

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SANYO's 'eneloop lamp'

SANYO's 'eneloop lamp'

TOKYO, Japan - SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) is pleased to announce the release of a rechargeable interior light, "eneloop lamp," as a new addition to the "eneloop universe products."

After first releasing the rechargeable battery "eneloop," since November 2005 SANYO has been promoting a new lifestyle of "reusing instead of disposing" through expanding the product series called "eneloop universe products" which embody the concept of "looping energy." The new product being added here is a multiple use lamp that can be used as an "interior light" for daily living and as a "flashlight" in an emergency. This product uses a contactless charging system and has no metallic contact on the product body, giving it a nice exterior appearance.

SANYO, which promotes a lifestyle of "reusing instead of disposing," will continue to expand the world of "eneloop universe products" so that people can enjoy lifestyle-changing products comfortably in their daily life.

Main Features

1.Cordless with 3 versatile uses: interior light, healing light, and flashlight

An "eneloop lamp" can be used 3 different ways: as an "Interior Light" that gently lights up a room from a table top, floor, etc. with a white lamp (2 modes to choose from: Clear Mode (high) / Fade Mode (low)); as a "Healing Light" that creates a healing ambience with a blue lamp in a space like a bedside (Healing Mode (continuous) / Flicker Mode (Flickering)); and as a "Flashlight" that comes on automatically when the unit is picked up due to a built-in acceleration sensor .

High-luminance LEDs are used for the light source. A white lamp lights up the surrounding space clearly in Clear Mode and may be used as a night-light in Fade Mode. A blue lamp that creates a healing ambience can be switched between Healing Mode for continuous lighting and Flicker Mode for gently wavering brightness. The lighting type can be selected to match the room ambience or personal mood.

When the lamp unit is tilted by 90 degrees or more, a built-in acceleration sensor senses it and the flashlight automatically turns on, making it possible to quickly obtain a light source in an emergency situation like a midnight earthquake without looking for a flashlight, as well as being able to use it as a daily-use handy light.

2. A contactless charging system adopted to realize a nice exterior appearance with no metallic contact and to enable recharging by simply setting it on the charging stand

This product incorporates a "contactless charging system." Not having metallic contacts either on the lamp unit or the charging stand gives this product a nice exterior appearance. Batteries can be charged by simply keeping the lamp unit on the charging stand.

In addition, a float charging function is incorporated to enable battery charging while using the white lamp or blue lamp*2, which eliminates any worries about the batteries going dead.

3. Operates with easy-to-replace size AA "eneloop" batteries

This product operates with 2 size AA "eneloop" rechargeable batteries. They can be recharged for repeated use and are easily replaced when they reach the end of their life. This product can also be used as a charger for the size AA eneloop.

Outline and Background

"eneloop" originated from the concept of "looping energy." The "eneloop" battery combines the user-friendly benefits of dry cell batteries by coming "pre-charged" with the economic and environmental benefits of rechargeable batteries by being rechargeable up to 1,000 times and recyclable once it reaches the end of its life. It has continuously received high market acclaim since its first release in November 2005, and more than 80 million "eneloop" battery cells have been shipped worldwide (as of March 31, 2009).

In addition, since 2006 SANYO has been expanding its product series based on the "eneloop" concept called "eneloop universe products." With the aim of "enhancing quality of life" from various aspects, numerous products have been released as part of this series: the solar cell-incorporated "eneloop solar charger"; "eneloop solar light" with USB power port; rechargeable hand warmer "eneloop kairo" with which a "feeling of warmness" can be enjoyed over and over; rechargeable portable warmer "eneloop anka"; rechargeable lap blanket "eneloop soft warmer"; "eneloop mobile booster" - a charger set and lithium-ion batteries equipped with a USB power port ; "eneloop air fresher" - a portable air purifier equipped with the "virus washer" technology; and "eneloop bike" - an electric hybrid bicycle.

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