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LED Flashlight Stun Guns Add
Everyday Practical Uses For An Emergency Tool

Self Defense ATL adds stun gun flashlights to expand its range of self defense products

Self Defense ATL Press Release - 7/13/2009

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3.0 million volt LARGE Stun Gun Flashlight

3.0 million volt LARGE Stun Gun Flashlight

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. - Self defense product supplier Self Defense ATL ( announced that it has added a new line of practical stun guns to help owners not only protect themselves in emergencies, but help them in everyday situations, thanks to these new stun guns' integrated LED flashlights.

More portable, powerful and energy efficient, LED technology is easy to integrate into stun guns, allowing for a variety of models to meet different needs. Self defense ATL has set up a page for new flashlight stun gun models from the Guard Dog line at The new models include a cell-phone styled stun gun, two models based on flashlights, and one with a traditional stun gun casing. Regardless of appearance, all models include LED flashlights.

Self Defense ATL owner David Brackman believes that these models will help people from all walks of life consider them as not just self-defense products, but everyday tools.

"The dilemma with any emergency equipment is return on investment," said Mr. Brackman. "Nobody ever wants to be in a situation where they have to use a stun gun, but this makes it hard for the average consumer to make a purchasing choice. On one hand they may never use it, but if they have to it may be a priceless investment, because it can save lives. Including an LED light makes it a little easier to decide, because you can always find a practical application. I think these stun guns are especially good for folks in the security and hospitality industries who need to deal with unfamiliar people, but also need to be able to navigate malls, nightclubs and concert venues."

The new models join an array of other self defense products, including other stun guns, Tasers and pepper spray. People with questions about their products are encouraged to contact the company at The company also maintains a blog on self defense products and advice at

About Self Defense ATL

Self Defense ATL ( is the Atlanta region's provider of self defense products for the average person, from hikers and students to professionals. Visitors can buy pepper spray, buy stun guns and buy Taser guns online or through a print catalog. The company provides products to each state according to its laws. See and for details.

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