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UltraLast Green Rechargeable Batteries
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Two battery lines, along with six innovative chargers, are now available to consumers

UltraLast Batteries Press Release - 7/21/2009

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UltraLast Green Everyday Rechargeables

UltraLast Green Everyday Rechargeables are ready to use right out of the package, for use in virtually all household products that use batteries.

WOBURN, Ma. and SAN DIEGO, Ca. - UltraLast Green™ rechargeable batteries are now shipping to retailers and e-tailers across the United States, Canada, and Latin America. UltraLast Batteries introduced the all-new Everyday Rechargeables™, batteries designed for use in everyday household items, and High-Power Rechargeables™, batteries for high-power consumption devices, at CES in January. These two battery lines, along with six innovative chargers, are now available to consumers.

The new brand offering was met with interest and enthusiasm by the CE industry in January. "We have had strong response to the UltraLast Green product line at every meeting," stated Nanci Bergman, VP of Sales for UltraLast Batteries. "We are excited to see more and more retailers adding UltraLast Green to their battery offerings."

Rechargeables for Everyday, Not Just High-Tech Devices

Saving the consumer money and saving the planet are two megatrends that will not go away anytime soon. "In the current economy, consumers are looking for value and savings at every turn. UltraLast Green Everyday Rechargeables can replace their household batteries in most every application without a trade off in performance, and eliminate the cost of constantly replacing batteries," states Mark Dockser, Senior Vice President and General Manager of UltraLast Batteries.

Dockser continues, "Consumers with digital cameras, flashes, and electronic games already reach for rechargeable batteries. Our UltraLast Green High-Power Rechargeables line is perfect for them. With Everyday Rechargeables and High-Power Rechargeables, consumers now have a greener alternative to throw-away batteries -- an easy way to reduce the billions of batteries disposed of each year." UltraLast Green Rechargeables can be recharged as many as 500 times, or up to three years. In consumer and environmental terms, that means one rechargeable pack can keep as many as 1,000 disposable batteries out of landfills and a 4-pack can save consumers up to $100 or more per year.

The UltraLast Green commitment to a "greener alternative" doesn't end with the product story. The package is made of eco-friendly materials, including post-consumer recycled cardboard and recyclable #1 PET plastic, and the batteries are fully recyclable. "We are committed to becoming greener step by step and will continue to find ways to be more environmentally responsible," Dockser says.

UltraLast Batteries provides greener solutions for consumer portable power needs. More information is available at

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