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Barbolight Torch Survives 17 Months
Under the Sea

The torch, which showed no signs of corrosion or condensation inside, only needed a new battery to carry on working

Barbolight Lighting Systems Press Release - 7/21/2009

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Barbolight U09 torch

A Barbolight U09 torch was found in perfect condition after spending 13,000 hours submerged in the sea

NAVARRA, Spain - It is a proven fact that Barbolight torches are capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions. Proof of this is a Barbolight U-09 torch which was lost during an immersion in the Bay of Biscay, and it remained under water at less than 36° for 17 months until another diver came across it by chance.

The batteries had deteriorated due to over-discharge; nevertheless, once these were substituted, the torch demonstrated that it had not lost its lighting capacity. The 5 mm. polycarbonate lens protected the cap of the U-09 from the water for over one and a half years. The o-ring seals were also in good condition.

As regards the internal parts of the torch, a slight corrosion was detected due to the gases emitted by the battery after a prolonged over-discharge. But no deterioration was detected in the body of the torch due to electrical conduction, as the lid is electrically neutral. The steel electric contacts, 301 and 302, were in perfect working order.

The external body of the U-09 was the most exposed area, and, hence, the most affected by corrosion. The external part of the torch was exposed to various micro-organisms, at least four different species, which happened to be more destructive than sea water. Hence, approximately 25% of the thickness of the anodized area was worn (around 10 microns), and 60% corrosion affected some areas, whereas in other areas it did not exceed 10%. The main deterioration was caused in the area surrounding the cap, due to organisms that attacked the hard HAIII anodized parts, and subsequently, the aluminium, where a radial penetration of 0.5 mm. was registered in some points. Nevertheless, this structural damage did not deform the torch, nor did it allow the water to enter, and all its mechanical characteristics remained intact.

Mention should be made that neither water nor salt damaged the material, but rather, this was due to the organisms deposited. If you rinse and then dry the torch before you stored the same, even if you dive four times a day for 25 years, your torch will be one of the parts of your equipment that you will not have to change.

About Barbolight

Barbolight is a spanish company with a solid policy of quality, service and research. The portable light systems of high performance qualities provide resistance, protection and freedom to bear the most demanding conditions and answer to the professional's necessities.

The first steps of the company go back to the year 2000 with the design of light prototypes based on LED. Those flashlights inspired new models which led to set the company Barbolight SL set up in the 'Centro de Empresas Innovadoras de Navarra' and since then, Barbolight has been given awarded from lots of public and private organization.

In 2007, Sociedad de Promoción de Empresas PAMPS, a holding dependent on ACR, became a member of Barbolight SL. This new member meant a strategic ally for the consolidation of the targets and for the expanding plans of Barbolight.

Barbolight systems are designed not only for the professionals of security, defense, rescue, diving, mountain and potholing but also for those who look for a torch in the top part of the range.

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