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First Xenon Searchlight
with Integrated LED-Video-Panels

For the first time, two video-capable LED panels have been successfully united with a searchlight

A&O Lighting Technology GmbH Press Release - 7/23/2009

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OYTEN, Germany - The FALCON® CMY LED-VIDEO is the logical further development of the FALCON® 6000 CMY, the well established 4.000W high-powered xenon searchlight with pan, tilt, CMY, colour changer, scroller for frost effects, dimmer, shutter and zoom. The now novel colour changer "CMY REALCOLOUR", exclusively developed by alpha one together with ROSCO, is the first device in the world capable of achieving with colour gels the true colour mixing of 1.000 different CMY colours in 10% steps whilst retaining the fundamental colours. The fourth scroller has been equipped with 11 diffusion filters and can be used independently of the mix colours.

For the first time, two video-capable LED panels have been successfully united with a searchlight. With this innovation, lighting designers have completely new effect combinations at their disposal. Needless to say alpha one has yet again succeeded in integrating all the driver components into the housing of the device, which is suitable for outdoor use. Only the power supply, DMX and a CAT lead from the video processor are required.

What lies behind it?

The FALCON® CMY LED-VIDEO is the latest innovation from A&O Technology. As the natural extension of the FALCON® 6000 CMY high-powered searchlight, the hybrid LED/Xenon searchlight is building upon the success of the FALCON® range. With a resolution of 512 pixels at 25mm intervals, over a billion mix colours, and the light output of on average 2.400 nits, the new FALCON® luminaire offers a number of new and highly appealing features. The CMY colour mixing of the FALCON® CMY LED-VIDEO is based on ROSCO SUPERGEL colour filters and eleven diffusion filters. The idea for this innovation came from the criticism that during stage applications the housing of the searchlight, being over a metre high, could partially obstruct sight lines. So A&O, after discussions with internationally renowned lighting designers, set about devising an effects device to which the same criticism would not apply. The result: an ultra-innovative, high-tech product made in Germany. Obviously, before the device was presented for the first time at the Showtech 2009 in Berlin, the requisite protection of utility patents were obtained.

The device is specially designed for major events, TV shows and other spectacles indoors or out-of-doors.

The FALCON® CMY LED-VIDEO was entirely developed by the German manufacturer alpha one gmbh of Oyten near Bremen and should be available in the autumn of 2009 from A&O Lighting Technology GmbH.

A&O Lighting Technology GmbH, which was founded by Marco Niedermeier, has been actively engaged in the hiring and sale of show and architectural lighting equipment since 1995. A&O's diverse inventory includes special LED equipment and several hundred searchlights (high-power xenon floodlights) that can be used for well-known entertainment- and architectural lighting applications. It also has the exclusive worldwide distribution rights to a variety of architectural luminaries and searchlights, such as the FALCON® range from alpha one. A&O Lighting Technology, with headoffice in Germany, is active worldwide with subsidiaries and bureaus in UAE, USA, UK and Asia. For more information, visit:

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