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Barbolight Supplies 150 LED Torches
to Spanish Civil Guard

The special group in charge of underwater activities of the Civil Guard (GEAS) rely on Barbolight

Barbolight Lighting Systems Press Release - 7/23/2009

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Barbolight U15 LED Torch

Barbolight U15 LED Torch

NAVARRA, Spain - The "Grupo Especial de Actividades Subacuáticas de Guardia Civil" (Special Group in charge of Underwater Activities of the Civil Guard) (GEAS) has incorporated two models of Barbolight underwater torches to its equipment, which thanks to its technology, resistance and reliability, are perfectly suited to the daily requirements posed by this unit.

The GEAS group, after undertaking exhaustive tests on the Barbolight models in order to assess its reliability, autonomy and features, purchased 150 torches: 100 units of the U-04 model and 50 of the U-15 model. This Civil Guard unit, specialized in underwater first-aid and rescue services, requires equipment capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions to be able to carry out their tasks. Their work is highly important, as people's safety depends on them and, hence, they require maximum guarantees as regards security and success.

The numerous advantages provided by both torch models, as well as its high capacity and performance for professional use, has fully satisfied the GEAS group expectations, hence Barbolight shall continue to work on this line of products developing new applications.

About Barbolight

Barbolight is a spanish company with a solid policy of quality, service and research. The portable light systems of high performance qualities provide resistance, protection and freedom to bear the most demanding conditions and answer to the professional's necessities.

The first steps of the company go back to the year 2000 with the design of light prototypes based on LED. Those flashlights inspired new models which led to set the company Barbolight SL set up in the 'Centro de Empresas Innovadoras de Navarra' and since then, Barbolight has been given awarded from lots of public and private organization.

In 2007, Sociedad de Promoción de Empresas PAMPS, a holding dependent on ACR, became a member of Barbolight SL. This new member meant a strategic ally for the consolidation of the targets and for the expanding plans of Barbolight.

Barbolight systems are designed not only for the professionals of security, defense, rescue, diving, mountain and potholing but also for those who look for a torch in the top part of the range.

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