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Bangkok Mall Wrapped
in 75,000 Red LEDs with Future Lighting Solutions

Bold Facade Raises Building's Visibility with Low Power Consumption

Future Lighting Solutions Press Release - 7/29/2009

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Bangkok's CentralPlaza ChaengWattana

Bangkok's CentralPlaza ChaengWattana

MONTREAL, Canada - A massive exterior lighting installation built with 75,000 red LUXEON® LEDs is raising the visibility of CentralPlaza ChaengWattana, a seven-story, 300-store shopping complex in Bangkok. Thailand's Lumitron Lighting International engineered and manufactured the lighting installation for the upscale mall, backed by proof of concept and engineering services from LUXEON supplier and LED application development specialist Future Lighting Solutions.

The all-red lighting treatment designed by the complex's architects was inspired by the red logo of Thailand's family-owned Central Group conglomerate, the parent company of both shopping center developer Central Pattana and the Central Department Store that anchors the complex.

A giant grid of red LEDs runs the full width of the facade in a bold geometric design, trimming the street-side mall face as well as part of the building's side and the attached 16-story office tower. The lights are programmed to change patterns at specific intervals, creating a dynamic light show that instantly identifies the structure.

Electricity costs are estimated to run just $2,900 per year, meeting the developer's demand for low energy use. The installation's LUXEON LEDs are expected to last at least 10 years even with Thailand's extreme heat and wind, minimizing maintenance costs for bulb replacement.

Future Lighting Solutions assisted Lumitron with engineering services ranging from selecting the LEDs, drivers and drive current to calculating the number of LEDs required, planning for heat dissipation, and providing wiring guidance. Future engineers also built multiple proof-of-concept light boxes to test different designs, plus a prototype of Lumitron's preferred design to show the actual brightness, color and light distribution of their proposed solution.

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