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LED Grow Lights Help Indoor Gardeners
Go Green All Year Long offers products featuring LED lighting and heating technology making it easy for gardeners to grow anything Press Release - 7/29/2009

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GrowSpot LED Grow Light

GrowSpot LED Grow Light

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Gardeners know the sheer delight of fresh herbs and vegetables picked right off the plant. In today's society where going green and turning to organic produce are priorities for many, consumers will soon lose that ability to grow their own organic plants as the colder months roll in. LED technology is making it easier than ever for those health and eco-conscious consumers to keep growing their favorite plants year-round indoors. offers several LED Grow Light products capable of keeping indoor plants warm and well-lit for favorable growth conditions.

"LED Grow Lights solve a lot of problems for indoor gardeners," says Product Specialist Matthew Alexander. "Unlike other lighting options, they provide an optimal spectrum of light for growing plants inside. Just as important, they can be a safer alternative to incandescent light bulbs because they don't generate as much heat."

LED Grow Lights may be more expensive than incandescent options on the surface, but over time they offer real value. Gardeners won't have to change light bulbs as often, as LED Grow Lights last up to 50,000 hours (which equates to more than five years between changes).

"A common misconception is that people need a greenhouse, a lot of space, or a lot of expensive equipment to successfully garden indoors," says Alexander. "With LED Grow Lights, that isn't the case. The LED lights can cover a few square feet or as much as 50 square feet depending on the model. That means consumers can have an indoor garden as big, or small, as they want it to be. We even offer a model -- the GrowSpot -- which can be installed in standard light sockets in place of incandescent bulbs, with no special equipment needed other than the LED Grow Light."

Several LED lighting options are available through, starting at $59.95.

About is an online retailer specializing in LED Grow Lights that offer efficiency in indoor gardening. The company began offering LED Grow Lights in June 2009, with products ranging from economy models to professional indoor gardening lights such as the GrowPanel Pro. LED Grow Lights offer indoor gardeners affordable, safe, and efficient solutions for growing their favorite plants year-round.

For more information about LED Grow Lights, please visit or contact Matthew Alexander at 888-605-3260 ext. 100.

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