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Magnalight Offers 180 Watt
LED Light As Alternative To Metal Halide Lights

The LEDLB-80X2 emits a bright, white beam pattern that covers an area 2000 feet long and 900 feet wide

Larson Electronics Magnalight Press Release - 7/29/2009

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Magnalight LEDLB-80X2 80 LED Array

Magnalight LEDLB-80X2 80 LED Array

DALLAS, Tx. - Larson Electronics Magnalight announced the addition of the LEDLB-80X2 high powered LED light for general area lighting applications. As an alternative to 1000 Watt metal halide lights, the LEDLB-80X2 emits a bright, white beam pattern that covers an area 2000 feet long and 900 feet wide.

The LED array of these foot beams features 80 high powered 3 Watt LED's, each packaged in its own reflector. Combined, this LED array emits 14,400 lumens at the source. The LED's are potted into an IP68 rated aluminum housing. Two 3/8 studs offer the operator a simplistic through hole installation to any surface. A variety of mounting solutions for the LEDLB-80X2 are available on including a wheeled tripod, steel cart with wheels and the BC-1, BC-2 or BC-3 bar clamp mounting solutions.

"We see this type of fixture as a legitimate alternative to the 400 Watt and 1000 Watt metal halide type light towers," explained Rob Bresnahan of Larson Electronics. "The LEDLB-80X2 and similar fixtures cover a large area with bright, white light and operates on low voltages from 9 to 60 Volts DC. This is pretty critical. We are talking about LED light fixtures that can be used in wet areas with car batteries or deep cycle marine batteries. With only a 20 amp draw, this fixture can be run for 4 hours on a single marine battery. Add 2 or 3 batteries to a cart and you have an entire night of coverage without using a generator, high voltage lines, or any of the associated risks or hassles. Weighing less than 15 pounds, measuring 22 inches long, 4.77 inches tall and 3 inches deep, this LED light is extremely portable. You can literally throw this LED light in the back seat or the tool box on a truck. It is certainly ideal for first responders in any arena. Moreover, where diesel generators or high voltage simply isn't available or practical, this wet area capable light doesn't require GFI protection because it operates on low voltage. You can hook this light to your vehicle's battery and run it indefinitely. We offer a simple 8 pound aluminum tripod for quick and temporary mounting or a heavier duty collapsible tripod with wheels for long term or high wind applications. Like its smaller LED light brother, the LEDLB-24 can be mount directly to vehicles, boats or equipment to provide penetrating lighting over wide areas."

Rob continued, "The LEDLB-80X2 is a continuation of a product line that has proved successful in military applications with the LEDLB-24VIR infrared lights on the MRAP's, the LEDLB-24 and LEDLB-20 which have become popular as both boat spreader lights and as water penetrating lights for fishing and inspection. We have a lot of marinas now that continuously purchase and install these lights for all types of fishing boats looking to penetrate the water. In Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, the infrared version of these lights and the LED10W-6S are on a wide variety of convoy vehicles, HMMWV's and MRAP's as the combination of low amp draw, durability and high luminosity have shown them to be effective in locating IED's and other roadside bombs."

"With the larger LED lights, like the LEBLB-80X2, I think we have an opportunity to offer job sites an alternative to metal halide light towers like our WAL-C-1XM or WAL-C-2XM. The LEDLB-80X2 offers similar are coverage with more portability with wet area protection. Plus, we are in a position to air ship these inexpensively anywhere in the world for equipment rental opportunities. You can't UPS overnight a metal halide light tower. Sending a metal halide tower on pallet overnight is very expensive. However, the LEDLB-80X2 is easy to overnight ship with a choice of tripods or other mounting options."

Larson Electronics LLC manufactures and sells a wide variety of industrial and military grade lighting solutions, including explosion proof lights, hazardous location lighting, high powered LED lights and a wide variety of metal halide and fluorescent light fixtures. You can learn more about Larson Electronics LLC at or by calling 1-800-369-6671.

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