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EagleTac introduced the next generation of EagleTac tactical flashlights; T20 Tactical series and the P20 Personal series flashlights

EagleTac Press Release - 7/30/2009

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EagleTac T20C2 Tactical Flashlight

EagleTac T20C2 Tactical Flashlight

WENATCHEE, Wa. and SALT LAKE CITY, Ut. - EagleTac, in cooperation with EagleTac-USA, the official North American distributor of EagleTac flashlights, introduced the next generation of EagleTac tactical flashlights; T20 Tactical series and the P20 Personal series flashlights.

Demonstrating the new products to eager attendees at the Outdoor Retailer convention was, Dan Lam (Owner of EagleTac), Mike Seward (Owner of, Jeremy Morris (Owner of and Sam Vert (Flashlight enthusiast and CPF member chizel)

With input from the Military and Law Enforcement, EagleTac tactical flashlights were developed with a new user interface that simplifies operation while providing additional modes of light output. The circuitry (Light Engine) has also been optimized to improve output regulation and efficiency. Gold plated contacts are utilized where needed for the most reliable conductivity. New this year is a tactical strobe as well as a low 15 lumen mode. The lowest output setting, combined with lithium batteries, will provide useful light for over 180 hours.

The new T20 and P20 series also offers an innovative optical grade R/G/B (Red/Green/Blue) color filter and a diffuser filter that is easily installed and removed in a matter of seconds.

The base model comes with; Diffuser Filter, Spare O-rings, Silicon Grease Tube, Battery Magazine for two CR123A, GITD Switch Boot, Black Stainless Steel Pocket Clip, Polycarbonate Cigar Grip, Heavy Duty Nylon Holster, Mil-Spec Para cord Lanyard.

RGB Kit: Includes everything with the base model, plus; Red, Blue and Green Filters.

The T20C2 is available in a weapon's mountable kit called the RGB Weapon Kit. The kit includes everything in the RGB Kit, plus; Remote Pressure switch with a separate constant on switch and Aluminum Rail Mount.

Another innovation recently released in EagleTac flashlights is the utilization of the New Cree XP-E LED which is physically 80% smaller and 10% more efficient than the current industry standard Cree XR-E LED. This provides many advantages including longer runtimes, fewer beam artifacts, and greater light throw performance. The models that use the Cree XP-E LED are; P100A2, P100C2, and recently updated T100C2 MKII.

According to Mike Seward, owner of, "The Outdoor Retailer Show was a great success, and he looks forward to introducing more high-tech lighting devices in the upcoming months before Christmas and then at Shot Show 2010!"

About EagleTac:

EagleTac Originated in Arizona and is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high performance flashlights for the Tactical and Outdoor markets. EagleTac continues to offer the best and brightest flashlights by utilizing the most advanced technologies available, high-end components, and superior designs. EagleTac's goal is to bring more innovative and powerful lighting products to the market, keeping pace with technology advancements.


Mike Seward
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