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Energy Focus, Inc. Selected
To Provide LED Lighting for Virginia Class Attack Submarines

New lighting to utilize Energy Focus' proprietary Solid State Optical Delivery Technology

Energy Focus, Inc. Press Release - 7/31/2009

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US Navy Virginia Class attack submarine

Energy Focus, Inc. selected to develop LED lighting for US Navy Virginia Class attack submarines.
(PRNewsFoto/Energy Focus, Inc.)

SOLON, Oh. - Energy Focus, Inc. (NASDAQ: EFOI) , a global leader in energy-efficient lighting technologies, announced today that it has been selected to receive a $1.4 million contract by the Naval Research Warfare Center to develop and produce solid state lighting fixtures for use specifically on Virginia Class attack submarines. The new fixtures will replace single, double and triple tube fluorescent water tight fixtures now in use as well as provide solid state replacements for existing fluorescent based berth lights. Once qualified, the new solid state fixtures will be available as lighting alternatives across the fleet.

Utilizing Energy Focus' proprietary Solid State Optical Delivery technology, the fixtures, to be developed over the next 12 months, must meet the Navy's new stringent requirements for LED systems which include light output, shock and vibration, corrosion, EMC and EMI compliance, efficiency, life, and maintenance specifications. "We feel confident that the new fixtures will not only meet but exceed military requirements given the extensive development and testing of the base technology we've already done at sea under DARPA sponsorship over the past three years," commented Roger Buelow, Energy Focus CTO.

"Energy Focus' selection, while not only making a difference in the future of lighting for the United States military, is a great example of a military program making a difference in the future of lighting for our nation," said Joe Kaveski, CEO. "We expect that Energy Focus' Solid State Optical Delivery technology will find application far beyond the military to provide energy efficient, mercury-free, long-life alternatives to fluorescent bulbs in commercial applications."

About Energy Focus, Inc.

Energy Focus, Inc. is a leading supplier of energy solutions and the world's only supplier of EFO , a lighting technology that is more efficient than conventional electric lamps. Energy Focus has a long standing relationship with the US Government. EFOI's Energy Star partnership and numerous Research and Development projects for the DOE and DARPA include creating energy efficient LED lighting systems for the US Navy fleet and the next generation Very High Efficiency Solar Cell. Energy Focus products are designed, manufactured and marketed for the commercial lighting and swimming pool markets. Energy Focus solutions provides energy savings, aesthetic, safety and maintenance cost benefits over conventional lighting. Customers include supermarket chains, retail stores, museums, theme parks and casinos, hotels, swimming pool builders and many others. Company headquarters are located at 32000 Aurora Rd., Solon, OH 44139. The company has additional offices in Pleasanton, CA, United Kingdom and Germany.

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