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Vast array of products includes items such as solar chargers, solar powered lighting and also wind up torches and radios Press Release - 7/31/2009

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Power Plus Owl Dynamo Camping Lantern

Power Plus Owl Dynamo Camping Lantern

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom - With the effects of global warming seeming to have an effect on world weather systems recently, many people have started to review their energy usage and ways of utilising forms of renewable energy. One of the most effective forms of renewable energy is solar powered products such as a solar charger or solar battery charger or even solar powered lights. These types of products not only help save the planet but they also save the consumer money but cutting down on energy costs. One of the leading websites within the renewable energy product market is

This impressive website has a whole host of products aimed at being more eco friendly and utilising alternative forms of power. Its vast array of products includes items such as solar chargers, solar powered lighting and also wind up torches and radio's. Many of the products listed are innovative and functional and use the latest advancements in alternative power source technology to provide a viable and useful solution.

A solar charger is a useful addition for any purpose which requires charging of a 12v battery such as those used in cars, caravans, boats or when going camping. This provides a trickle charge into the battery and thus prolongs the life and available power from the battery. A solar battery charger is a variation of the same theme except it charges up standard sized rechargeable batteries such as AAA and D size batteries. Solar powered lights have become far more popular in the last few years as many have bought garden light sets that are solar powered. This form of lighting is an excellent source of lighting that is also renewable and costs nothing to light up areas in a garden or other places.

About is user friendly website and provides detailed information about the products as well as images. It sources the best products from the net and brings them all in one handy location. Prices are displayed prominently and are always scrutinised to ensure the best prices are available for its visitors. The website is simple to navigate and uses an advanced shopping cart facility to make the complete purchasing process easy. For anyone looking at ways of becoming more eco friendly by the simple means of utilising solar power and related products, provides a comprehensive range of alternative powered products and should be the first port of call.

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