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Double Digit Same Store Sales Increase

Batteries Plus Franchise Store Sales Continue to Climb at Steady Rate Despite Economy

Batteries Plus Press Release - 7/31/2009

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Exterior of Batteries Plus Location

Exterior of Batteries Plus Location

HARTLAND, Wi. - While the economy continues on a negative downturn, the battery retail segment remains positive - with Batteries Plus leading the charge.

Batteries Plus, the nation's first all-battery franchise with more than 350 locations, has consistently realized increases in same store sales, and enjoyed an 18 percent increase in same store sales in 2008 compared to 2007. Bucking the trend realized by many other retailers, Batteries Plus is seeing more of the same double digit sales growth in 2009.

These healthy double digit same store sales figures have continued through the first quarter of 2009 and have contributed to an increased interest in the Batteries Plus franchise opportunity, particularly among candidates who are shying away from struggling concepts.

"Batteries Plus does well in any economy because the demand drivers for our business are healthy," said Russ Reynolds, CEO of Batteries Plus. "Those demand drivers are the increased need for portable devices, and therefore portable power."

The U.S. battery industry was estimated at $24 billion in 2008 and analysts predict even more growth for this powerful segment in years to come. Growth in the market will be driven by a healthy demand for battery powered electronic devices such as mp3 players, laptop computers and digital cameras and camcorders, as well as a shift in the product mix towards higher-priced, better performing batteries.

Because of the consistent demand for battery products and services, high level of support and training and national brand recognition, Batteries Plus is recognized as one of the nation's top franchise opportunity offerings, Reynolds said. "Batteries are not a luxury item that people give up when times get tough," he noted. "They might stop going out to dinner, or they might cut down on vacations, but people still need their cars, their laptops and their cell phones to keep running. Batteries are here to stay."

The impressive increase in same store sales in 2008 and during the first quarter of 2009 is making Batteries Plus an even more attractive franchise opportunity that is eclipsing other types of concepts which are not faring as well in the current economic climate.

"The recent downturn of the economy has potential franchisees looking toward sustainable concepts like Batteries Plus, which continues to flourish in the growing $25 billion battery market," Reynolds said.


Batteries Plus is the nation's largest retail chain of its kind, offering a comprehensive selection of batteries, battery-related products and technical support that meet growing battery demands for retail and business customers. Batteries Plus is also a proud member of the International Franchise Association's VetFran program, which assists honorably discharged veterans by offering them incentives to own their own franchise. In addition to thousands of batteries, stores also feature a Tech Center that is equipped to design, assemble, rebuild, and test custom battery packs. Accounts include Fortune 500 companies, manufacturers, other retail channels, local municipalities, fire and police departments, the armed forces and school districts. Its product line includes batteries for both the common and hard-to-find items that are traditionally not available at other retail stores. Currently, Batteries Plus has 352 stores in 42 states and Puerto Rico and an additional 55 stores in development.

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