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Enfis Sheds New Light
on LED Street Lighting

Innovate™ Series-Based Street Lights Deliver Better Light, Lower Costs and a More Environmentally Friendly Solution

Enfis Group Plc Press Release - 8/3/2009

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Enfis Innovate Series of LED arrays

The Enfis Innovate Series of LED arrays for use in myriad street lighting applications.

BEDMINSTER, N.J. - Enfis Group Plc, an innovator of intelligent LED lighting systems and technologies, today announced the launch of their new Innovate Series of LED arrays for use in myriad street lighting applications throughout North America.

"Over the past few years the emerging use of power LEDs in street lighting has yielded lower total ownership costs, much improved lighting and significant energy savings -- as much as 50% -- over standard lighting technologies," said Dan Polito, president of Enfis Lighting North America. "Governments, municipalities and utilities face an ongoing effort to serve the public with better lighting and to reduce their carbon footprints and energy costs. LED street light installations are being tested around the world and are demonstrating their ability to improve results for both the operators of street lights and the people that use them."

With a 10- to 15-year rated lifetime, the Innovate Series of LED arrays from Enfis are at least triple that of current technologies and offer maintenance advantages that easily win the argument for transitioning to LED-based systems. Moreover, street lamps using Enfis power LEDs are fully capable of meeting standard regulations for luminance levels and uniformity. Enfis LED solutions, unlike many other technologies, provide a sufficiently even light distribution to meet recommended street light uniformity levels. This is a valuable benefit that is capable of eliminating glare, hot spots and related visibility, safety and energy-wasting problems. Even light distribution improves the street lighting function and creates a better environment.

The Enfis Innovate Series of LED arrays can be easily installed in most existing street light, roadway and pedestrian walkway fixtures and deliver > 2500 lumens of intense white light ranging from 3600K to 6500K. As an added benefit, light output from Enfis arrays can be monitored and controlled via an integrated photo-detection system, enabling precise control of light output. Array temperature monitoring is also available.

Surging Global Growth

As the adoption of LED technology continues to grow, Enfis is uniquely positioned to deliver on this unprecedented global demand with manufacturing facilities in the UK, Asia and North America. The market research organization Topology Research Institute estimates that global shipments of LED street lights will surge to a record 1.3-fold to a total of 2.1 million systems this year from last year's 900,000, with a market penetration estimated to surpass 1%, implying incredible untapped potential. Integral to the energy-saving and low-maintenance mantra of many public works projects at the federal, state and municipal levels, replacing traditional street lights with LED technology is playing a key role to further justify the transition to this more environmentally friendly form of lighting, the institute says.

About Enfis

The Enfis Group Plc designs, manufactures and markets intelligent, high-power, 'tunable' LED lighting with a focus on providing cutting-edge solutions that can be easily integrated into luminaires, fixtures and custom projects. The company's expertise covers semiconductor technology, packaging, thermal management, optics, electronic design, software and volume manufacturing.

Enfis 'smart' LED array technology offers luminaire and fixture manufacturers unsurpassed optical white light output. Their ultra-bright, multi-watt, multi-wavelength 'smart' LEDs are designed so that each wavelength can be individually controlled and monitored. Each Enfis 'smart' LED array has active color temperature and heat-sensing components that control, calibrate and regulate the light output of each wavelength on the array for the lifetime of the component.

More information about the company's LED products and solid-state lighting technologies can be found at

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