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Mr. Beams Introduces Newest Dorm Essentials:
Dorm Room Lighting Technology

Dorm Room Lighting Technology That Keeps Peace Between Roommates with Motion Sensor LED Lights

Wireless Environment, LLC. Press Release - 8/3/2009

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Mr. Beams Closet Light

Woman opens armoire doors and Mr. Beams Ceiling Light goes on

CLEVELAND, Oh. - Mr. Beams now offers the newest dorm room essential: Energy-efficient Wireless Lights that will make dorm living with your roommate easier this year.

Mr. Beams LED lights incorporate the latest in LED lighting technology. The wireless lights can be placed anywhere and are activated by motion sensors. Mr. Beams LED lights provide the right amount of light in the dorm room for the roommate who is awake, while not disturbing the sleep of others.

School, work, social, and study schedules rarely sync up among roommates. One major source of arguments is over lights - lights are kept beaming all night long or are turned on suddenly while the other roommate is sleeping. The University of Georgia's student newspaper, "Red and Black," released a recent article regarding dorm room complaints. Among the leading complaints about dorm living was "clutter and mess", "lack of lighting" and also "too much lighting".

With the Mr. Beams motion-sensor LED lights in a dorm room, the lights go on and illuminate the floor to safely and quietly enter the room at any hour. Clutter and mess will cause fewer falls and less noise in the dorm room. Mr. Beams lights can also illuminate a closet or armoire without disturbing the sleep of others.

"Institutional dorm lighting is not exactly the most cheerful. Putting a few better light sources in your room can make the space much more pleasant," says Naomi Rockler-Gladen of Mr. Beams Lighting offers wireless lighting solutions that increase illumination under loft study areas, in armoires, above desks, on the floor, under cabinets, and in closets. Without any wires, they can be mounted anywhere in the dorm room and taken down at the end of the year.

Selling for $25-$50 at, a Mr. Beams LED light can be installed in minutes without any wires. The Mr. Beams Ceiling Light mounts to the top of a closet or armoire to provide bright light once a door is opened or motion is detected. The Mr. Beams Stick Anywhere Night Light attaches to any surface and can provide safe and subdued path lighting when the lights need to stay off. A full line of battery-powered LED lights with motion sensor is available at

About Mr. Beams:

Mr. Beams is the leading LED "wireless" lighting brand. Owned by Wireless Environment, LLC, the Mr. Beams line of LED lighting offers bright light without wires. All Mr. Beams products are weatherproof so they can be mounted in seconds indoors or outdoors. Motion sensors and remote controls provide convenience and enhance energy efficiency.

More information about the company's products, visit

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