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OptoElectronix Announces Five-Year Warranty
on LED Universal Light Engine Products

Exceeds ENERGY STAR Requirements by Two Years

OptoElectronix Press Release - 8/5/2009

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SAN JOSE, Ca. - OptoElectronix, a leading LED light engine manufacturer, today announced a five-year (or 35,000-hour, whichever comes first) warranty on their complete line of LED Universal Light Engine™ products. These light engines provide full plug-and-play functionality, making it simple for designers to incorporate solid-state lighting into a wide variety of existing and new luminaires. OptoElectronix Universal Light Engines include the LED, a thermal network, optics, the electronic driving system for the LEDs, and a range of control functions. The warranty is effective as of August 1, 2009.

Quality and reliability are key features of every LED light engine that OptoElectronix designs and manufactures. LEDs are inherently durable and long-lasting components. However, achieving the LED's long lifetime performance requires careful design and testing of the electronic power and control systems and the thermal network. The extensive characterization and reliability testing that OptoElectronix incorporates into every product is the result of its extensive experience in LED and semiconductor technology product development and manufacturing.

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The Market

OptoElectronix estimates that the solid-state lighting (SSL) light engine market, which includes the LEDs, thermal network, power driver circuitry, and optics -- all incorporated into one module -- will be approximately $5.516 billion in 2012.

About OptoElectronix

OptoElectronix is the leader in "The Art of LEDs" -- the conception, design, and manufacture of cutting-edge, standard, highly efficient, highly reliable LED light engines. OptoElectronix brings together many decades of unique expertise and experience in LED systems, an intimate knowledge of the lighting industry, and a thorough understanding of the manufacturing disciplines and requirements of both. OptoElectronix standard, platform-based, solid-state lighting products enable luminaire and appliance manufacturers to rapidly incorporate the leading-edge advantages of SSL technology in a wide variety of applications. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company has SSL manufacturing operations in Penang, Malaysia with design centers in San Jose and Penang.

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OptoElectronix, Universal Light Engine, LightBlox, LightStix, Dynamic Dimming Compensation, and Dynamic Thermal Management are trademarks of OptoElectronix, Inc.

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