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New TAIYO YUDEN Power Inductor Claims
Top DC Bias for Size

New 3 x 3 mm wire-wound NRV3012 delivers industry-leading DC Bias characteristics in a compact, low-profile package

TAIYO YUDEN (U.S.A.) INC. Press Release - 8/6/2009

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SCHAUMBURG, Il. - TAIYO YUDEN (U.S.A.) INC. announces the compact, high-performance NRV3012, a new 3 mm x 3 mm x 1.2 mm height (max) wire-wound power inductor for LED flash DC-DC converter applications in camera-equipped cell phones and other portable electronic devices. The NRV3012 claims the industry's best DC bias characteristics of any power inductor in its size class. The device's 1.8 A rated current (based on DC saturation) represents a 60 percent improvement over the company's previous 1.1 A maximum rated current. Moreover, the NRV3012 reduces device surface area by 40 percent compared to previous 4-mm-square wire-wound power inductors with equivalent DC bias performance.

In addition to the latest camera-equipped cell phones with built-in LED flash units for low-light-level photography, LED flash technology is gaining use in mobile music players with built-in cameras, digital still cameras and other devices. LED flash voltage conversion circuits typically require a DC-DC converter, the physical dimensions of which continue to shrink as a result of market miniaturization demands. The design challenge is to make the power inductor -- the key component in the conversion circuit -- smaller and thinner without compromising the DC bias characteristics needed to prevent inductance loss, even with large DC currents.

TAIYO YUDEN solved this requirement by redesigning the round drum/sleeve core used by conventional inductors into a unique sleeveless, square-core winding that eliminates all wasted space and thickens the lead wire inside the inductor to achieve the lowest possible DC resistance.

Another core-related design improvement favorably impacts manufacturability and unit cost without harming performance. Most conventional LED flash DC-DC converters use inductors with cores made of relatively expensive metallic materials. By contrast, the NRV3012's less costly ferrite construction matches the DC bias and other performance characteristics of equivalent-size inductors made with more expensive materials.

By virtue of its high performance and smaller size, the NRV3012 offers customers greater design flexibility by allowing 4 x 4 mm or larger power inductors to be replaced by significantly smaller components. Now being produced at the rate of five million units per month, the new NRV3012 series presently includes the following part number:

Current(A), Max
Current(A), MaxRise
NRV3012T 2R2M 2.2 0.120 1.80 1.10

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• Sample Price: $0.20 each
• Avalability: Now in volume production quantities
• Delivery ARO: 2 weeks ARO


Now in its 60th year, Tokyo-based TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. is a worldwide manufacturer of surface-mount and leaded passive components, Bluetooth modules and CCFT inverters. With approximately 50% of the worldwide market in high-frequency multilayer chip inductors used in cell phones, the company reports annual sales of US$2.06B. Worldwide, TAIYO YUDEN employs more than twenty thousand people. The company's North American affiliate, TAIYO YUDEN (U.S.A.) INC., operates sales and engineering offices in Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; Raleigh, NC; Irving, TX; Denver, CO; and in California at San Jose and San Diego.

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