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Reflective Pipe Markers from Graphic Products
Provide High Visibility

Simple illumination from a flashlight allows Reflective Pipe Markers to stand out because they brightly reflect even small amounts of light

Graphic Products, Inc. Press Release - 8/17/2009

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Reflective Pipe Markers

Reflective Pipe Markers from Graphic Products, Inc.

BEAVERTON, Or. - Reflective Pipe Markers from Graphic Products, Inc. provide high visibility during emergencies and low light conditions. Reflecting light from flashlights or other light sources, Reflective Pipe Markers are easily seen from a distance, enhancing safety.

"During emergencies, light sources may fail, or the power may need to be shut off. This can make it difficult to see pipes and valves, which also might need to be shut down in emergency situations. Reflective Pipe Markers help workers and emergency responders find and identify pipes that may need immediate attention," said Steve Hudgik, corporate marketing manager at Graphic Products.

Complying with ANSI/ASME A13.1-2007 standards, Reflective Pipe Markers are effective because they combine practicality with ingenuity to produce their reflective characteristics.

"Tiny, reflective particles on the pipe markers' vinyl topcoat return high levels of light when they are illuminated. Simple illumination from a flashlight allows Reflective Pipe Markers to stand out because they brightly reflect even small amounts of light," said Hudgik.

Reflective Pipe Markers meet or exceed applicable American Society for Testing and Materials standards for reflectivity (standard ASTM D4956-99).

Made from industrial quality 5.5 mil vinyl, ANSI and ASME compliant Reflective Pipe Markers are designed for indoor or outdoor use. They resist many chemicals and solvents like kerosene, turpentine, gasoline, methyl alcohol, xylol and toluene.

Reflective Pipe Markers are compatible with the DuraLabel PRO 300, the DuraLabel 2000 Handheld Label Printer, and the DuraLabel 7000 and DuraLabel 9000 large format printers.

Vinyl tapes to make Reflective Pipe Markers are available in widths of one inch to four inches. Tapes are available in the following colors: blue, green, orange, red, white and yellow. Other reflective colors, like black, brown and purple, are available upon special request.

Pipe markers, or pipe labels, must indicate the pipe contents and the direction of flow. Pipe contents are indicated by black or white text (depending on the properties of the content) and the color of the label. Arrows at one or both ends of the label indicate the direction of flow.

Currently, ANSI / ASME code uses a color scheme with six standard color combinations and four user-defined combinations. The most hazardous component of the pipe's contents is used to determine the label color. For example, a toxic and corrosive mixture that is also somewhat combustible should be labeled by printing black text on orange vinyl, indicating the pipe contents are corrosive or toxic fluids or will produce corrosive or toxic substances.

Graphic Products offers a Pipe Marking Guide that provides code descriptions and pipe color examples as defined by ANSI/ASME A13.1-2007 Scheme for the Identification of Piping Systems. The Pipe Marking Guide is available free from Graphic Products. It may be downloaded from its web site at or requested by calling Graphic Products at 1-888-326-9244.

Graphic Products is a leading label printer and supplies dealer. It has been supplying industrial label and sign printers and supplies to industry since 1970. It is the manufacturer of the DuraLabel brand of printers that include the handheld DuraLabel 2000 up through the wide format DuraLabel 9000, and Graphic Products also carries a wide variety of labelers made by other manufacturers. In addition to DuraLabel, it stocks label printer brands such as Brady, Kroy, Brother, K-Sun, Dymo and Varitronics. It also stock supplies for discontinued label printers. Graphic Products specializes in fast, same-day shipping to meet its customers' just-in-time delivery requirements.

The Graphic Products Web site is located at Printers and supplies may be ordered by calling 1-888-326-9244.

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