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By nightfall the Brandenburg's prospects, like the incandescent flashlight, were dimming.

Tektite Industries Press Release - 8/24/2009

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Tektite Expedition LS4

Tektite Expedition LS4

WAUKESHA, Wi. - Tektite Industries' bright, reliable flashlights are there when campers need them most.

Just ask Janice Brandenburg, 51, of Waukesha, Wisc. Ms. Brandenburg and her husband were out hunting on the last day of deer season in one of Wisconsin's pristine national forests in 2005 when they became hopelessly lost.

It was beginning to get dark, and the couple couldn't find their way back to their truck. Spending the next four hours in the forest, Janice watched as her husband's incandescent light dimmed while her Tektite LED flashlight continued to burn bright.

By nightfall the Brandenburg's prospects, like the incandescent flashlight, were dimming. It was dark and the temperature had dropped to about 10 degrees. Soon, the non-LED flashlight went totally out. Without a reliable source of light to guide their efforts, the couple faced the harrowing prospect of spending a freezing night in the wilderness, without any type of shelter. But instead, thanks to their Tektite Industries light, the two hunters found a path out of the forest and onto a main road.

"Thank god for this flashlight," said Ms. Brandenburg. "I was getting scared. I thought we were going to be stuck in the woods all night long."

Nowadays Ms. Brandenburg keeps LED flashlights handy wherever she is - in the car, at the house, in her purse.

"I will never go anywhere without my LED flashlight," she said.

About Tektite:

Tektite Industries, Inc., headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, is a leading LED lighting manufacturer. More information is available by calling Tektite at (609) 656-0600 or visiting our website at

Tektite Industries, Inc.
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Trenton, NJ 08638-5122 USA
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