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Marktech LED Lighting Introduces
New and Improved PAR20 LED Bulb

EnergyLED PAR20 LED bulb uses just 4.6 watts to generate up to 300 lumens of light

Marktech LED Lighting Press Release - 9/1/2009

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EnergyLED PAR20 LED bulb

EnergyLED PAR20 LED bulb

LATHAM, N.Y. - Marktech LED Lighting's newest EnergyLED PAR20 LED bulb uses just 4.6 watts to generate up to 300 lumens of light. This is a 50% improvement in lumen output compared to the previous generation. With a 50° beam angle and E26 base, this UL approved family of LED bulbs is currently available in two white color temperatures, 2800k and 6000k cool white. Other colors are available through our online store at

The PAR20 LED bulbs are engineered to last 50,000 hours. This extremely long life will virtually eliminate maintenance costs, and will help you see a return on your investment as LED Bulbs typically offer a payback period of less than 2 years. EnergyLED light bulbs are also environmentally responsible as they consume less energy than standard bulbs and disposal is also not a concern because the bulbs are lead free and contain no mercury. These lights generate very little heat and emit no UV rays which make them an ideal choice for the museum and retail industry. In applications where vibration is a factor in the life of a light bulb, LED lights are the perfect solid state choice. These lights are also perfect for store fronts and point of purchase displays which are typically illuminated for long hours.

Pricing for the Marktech PAR20 bulbs is $32 each, and can be purchased directly though our web store at Marktech also offers LED replacements for T5, T8 and T9 type lighting.

About Marktech LED Lighting Products

With over 25 years of LED industry experience, Marktech LED Lighting is pleased to offer the next generation of energy-efficient lighting for home, office or business use. Marktech specializes in providing solutions for challenging lighting designs by offering the best possible selection of high quality, high-brightness LED lighting products at the best possible prices. We offer a variety of LED lighting products and fixtures that can directly replace existing incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs in household and commercial lighting. In this way we hope to encourage widespread use of LEDs to save energy, save money, and provide better lighting solutions for a greener tomorrow.

For additional information on our complete line of LED Lighting products contact:

Marktech LED Lighting
at 3 Northway Lane North
Latham, NY 12110
Phone: 800.984.5337
FAX: 518.785.4725

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