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Brite-Strike Tactical
Announces First Major European Order

Company still expects 2009 sales to increase dramatically over 2008 levels, which had increased approximately 90% over 2007 levels

Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. Press Release - 9/11/2009

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Cover Your Assets (CYA) Duty Light Camera

Cover Your Assets (CYA) Duty Light Camera

KINGSTON, Ma. - Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. (Pinksheets: BSTK) announced today that it has booked an order to a major distributor in Europe with a wholesale value in excess of $100,000.

"This is the first of what we think will be a significant amount of new orders shipped to Europe," said Mr. Glenn Bushee, President of Brite-Strike. "Our European sales office in Belgium has seen a significant increase in bid activity over the last 30 days. Our feedback from the field is that quality-conscious Europeans love the innovative design, durability, and features of our Tactical Blue-Dot flashlights. The purchase order includes one of our new products, the DLC, Duty Light Camera, which combines a powerful, 200 Lumen Tactical Light, with a built in VID digital video recorder, to which we have also added an omni-directional microphone. The light is only 7" long, and weighs less than 14 oz, significantly less than lights currently on the market, which weigh several pounds and can cost as much as $2,000. The DLC can record up to two hours of high resolution video, with or without audio. The product is re-chargeable, and its selling price of $399 could make it become a standard issue for every police officer in the country. This product allows an officer to covertly record any traffic stop, including DUIs, along with domestic calls, drug-related offenses, and SWAT entries. The footage can be used as evidence, not only raising the percentage of convictions, but dramatically reducing the cost of nuisance litigation. The product will be an extension of cameras already in police cruisers."

As previously reported and based on inputs from dealers, the company still expects 2009 sales to increase dramatically over 2008 levels, which had increased approximately 90% over 2007 levels. The company, which had approximately $420k in revenues in 2008, expects to be profitable in the 4th quarter, and is taking steps to become a pink sheet reporting company in the coming weeks.

About Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc.

Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. was developed by two police officers, to create world-class tactical LED flashlights, with features that police officers and citizens can use as a non-lethal means of defense. These lights utilize intense, pure, flawless white light, in a high, low, or strobe setting, which can temporarily blind, or disorient attackers, while causing no harmful side-effects. Brite-Strike makes a promise to always use the latest technology, world-class components, highest design and manufacturing standards, so consumers can rely on Brite-Strike products when they are needed. Our Tactical Blue-Dot Series meets or exceeds military specs of armed forces around the globe, and are deemed almost indestructible.

For more information on the Brite-Strike product line, please visit: Law Enforcement and military personnel are eligible for discount pricing. Contact Customer Service at or (781)585-5509 for further details.

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