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Flashlights Light Capitol
for California Birthday Extravaganza

Vallejo Storyteller Task Force answers the call-to-energize the thirst for knowledge by flashlighting the Capitol to increase local learning

Vallejo Storyteller Task Force Press Release - 9/15/2009

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Flashlight-waving residents

Flashlight-waving residents from Vallejo and Sacramento hold the award flag to distinguish Vallejo's leadership

SACRAMENTO, Ca. - At Sacramento for the California's Birthday Sept. 9, 2009, residents from Vallejo and Sacramento hold the award flag to distinguish Vallejo's leadership. (Alta "Upper" California Province in 1769 was established by Spain). Vallejo, along with cities and counties statewide, are flying the 2009 Culture Capital of America flag for the California Birthday September through November, authorized by the California Legislature Resolution and Congress H.Res. 287 AMERICA for the nation celebration.

Vallejo is acting as a statewide leader to champion the 2009 Edition "Bring Home The Spirit of History" to celebrate the America500 Birthday. The Organizing Committee bestowed the distinction to City of Vallejo the award ALTA CALIFORNIA 2009 CULTURE CAPITAL OF AMERICA, along with fifty cities-counties statewide, to open local windows to worldwide learning.

Vallejo's Capitano Jesus Naranjo and the Alta California Riders delivered the flag to Vallejo City Hall. Vice Mayor Hermino Sunga, on a horse, presented The Vallejo Welcoming Committee of Councilman Tom Bartee to accept the flag for raising the award year and creativity in local enterprise.

The Vallejo Storyteller Task Force is acting to champion Share Your Passion and Know Your Story for the America500 Birthday Vision (2007-12) by celebrating the hemisphere's naming in geography to reverse the decline of youth knowledge in science and history.

It is formed by Home Depot Orange Embrace - Lamonte Young CCRCORP - Todd Williams, Education Fund CTB - Riccardo Gaudino and Businessmen Fellowship - Isaac Wright. The 2010 Edition "Horsepower" purpose is to engage youth in community service for local learning and non-violence.

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