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Magnalight Adds
Wireless Remote Controlled HID Light

Larson Electronics Magnalight adds the new RCL360-HID and RCL360HID-RF HID remote controlled spotlights with 3200 lumen output

Larson Electronics Magnalight Press Release - 9/15/2009

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Wireless Remote Controlled HID Light

Wireless Remote Controlled HID Light

DALLAS, Tx. - Larson Electronics Magnalight announced new functionality and capabilities for the RCL360 Nightray series of motorized remote control spotlights and searchlights. The RCL-360-MAG magnetic base features 400 pounds of magnetic grip and attaches directly the base of existing or new Nightray spotlights and searchlights. The RCL360-HID is also new, featuring a 3200 lumen High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulb and ballast, which replaces the traditional dual filament halogen bulb, effectively creating 4 times the light output.

The RCL360-HID is a hard wired remote control HID searchlight with a dash mounted, joystick style controller, while the RCL360-HID-RF is a wireless remote controlled spotlight, operated with a small, handheld remote control. The RCL360 Nightray spotlights and associated magnetic base are made in the USA.

"The RCL360 Nightray motorized remote control spotlights are extremely durable and ideal for saltwater and high vibration environments," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics Magnalight. "In the halogen configuration they can equipped with a spot and flood combination bulb, with working beams reaching 800 feet or more. While this is suitable for many applications, we now offer the upgraded RCL360-HID High Intensity Discharge light producing working beams of 3000 feet or more. Available in either spot (long and narrow) or flood (short, wide and bright) beam patterns, the HID remote controlled spotlights add value to operators who need more light or need to see farther away.

The RCL360-HID series is available with a hard wired dash mount controller, which enables the operator to move the light at 45 degree angles in additions to the traditional left, right, up and down. With the wireless spotlights, the operator can position the beam while they are away from the vehicle. Previously, the Nightray spotlight models were available for permanent mounting only. However, much like our Golight line of magnetic mounted Stryker spotlights, we now offer a magnetic mount base that can accommodate the taller form factor of the RCL360 Nightray spotlights. This 400 pound grip magnetic base is designed to keep the spotlight firmly in place even while the vehicle, boat or equipment is moving," Rob concluded.

About Larson Electronics Magnalight

Larson Electronics Magnalight offers an extensive array of halogen and HID spotlights. Featuring permanent and magnetic mount spotlights, flood lights and searchlights, continues to add one stop shop value to operators working in the utility, construction, petrochemical, mining and military applications. You can learn more about the RCL360 HID Nightray spotlights at or 1-800-369-6671.

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