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Fenix Announces
MC10 - Name My Light Campaign

Fenix will run a campaign - "Name my light" to collect the best name for MC10 from all the Fenix customers

Fenixlight Limited Press Release - 9/15/2009

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Fenix MC10 Multi-function Light

Fenix MC10 Multi-function Light

SHENZHEN, China - Since the establishment of Fenixlight Limited, Fenix has produced many models of illuminating tools of high quality and performance with its advanced technology and innovative concept. We keep improving the LD-series and PD-series flashlight, meanwhile TK-series and TA-series flashlight came forth to the market, Fenix wins all the attention of flashlight industry.

In 2009, by striving its best with Fenix innovative concept and technology, Fenix launches its latest outdoor illuminating tool - MC10, this is a new product series adding color to the Fenix product line, and meanwhile, customers get more choices in taking the right light for their outdoor sports.

In order to show the outstanding features of MC10, Fenix will run a campaign - "Name my light" to collect the best name for MC10 from all the Fenix customers.

Time for this campaign: From September 1st, 2009 to September 30th, 2009.


1) The first prize: TK30 or TK40 5 prize winners

2) The second prize: MC10 50 prize winners

3) The third prize: E01 100 prize winners

Requirements for the naming the MC10:

1) Showing the features of MC10

2) Easy to understand and memorize with original and innovative concept

3) Embodies the outdoor elements

Brief introduction of MC10:

Please visit :


Please logo onto :

Publication of the prize winners :

1) Time: October 10th, 2009 2) Address: Fenix official website (


1) For the name for MC10 we finally choose, Fenixlight Limited reserve the right for utilization and proprietary.

2) If name of MC10 named by different customers are the same, Fenixlight Limited will turn to lottery to pick up the prize winner.

3) Fenixlight Limited reserves the right of final interpretation of this campaign.

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