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Public Bike Rental Stations in Paris
Use Seoul Semiconductor's LED

Z-Power LED P5-II series are used in public bike racks in Paris, 80 to 100 thousand people use them a day

Seoul Semiconductor Press Release - 9/28/2009

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SSC's LED is used for Vélib

SSC's LED is used for Vélib, a public bike rental project in Paris, France

PARIS, France - Seoul Semiconductor (CEO Chung Hoon Lee,, a world's leading LED manufacturer, has announced that units of Z-Power LED P5-II series were applied to display visual information for public bike racks of Vélib, a public bicycle rental program in Paris.

Vélib is a public bicycle rental program, which has been run since 2007 as a Paris city project. At present, about 21 thousand bicycles are distributed in Paris downtown so that Parisians are increasingly using bikes. Vélib has become such a hit that many cities not only in Korea, but also in other countries such as London and Chicago want to benchmark the project.

Seoul Semiconductor announced that the company has been supplying lighting fixtures to (about two thousand) racks of bike rental stations of Vélib spread all over Paris and finished the delivery of additional units until recently. In addition, the company will supply the products to other small cities around Paris.

The Z-Power LED P5-II series products installed in the Vélib bike racks can realize full colors because three (red, green, blue) LED chips are embedded in one LED package. Depending on the lighting decorations, the Z-Power LED P5-II series can be used in a diverse way and function as low-consumption lighting in which they blink in red, blue, orange (inserting credit card) and blue(display for status of under construction and repair) according to the status of Vélib bike racks. Moreover, when it comes to design, they are making Paris, the city of fashion, more beautiful. An official of Seoul Semiconductor said, "It takes on large symbolic importance that the products of Seoul Semiconductor are used in an environment-friendly project such as Vélib that many cities in the world want to benchmark."

About Vélib

20 to 80 bikes are provided in Vélib bike stands at a distance of 300 m. Everybody can use a bike for 1 euro a day. For two years, Vélib bikes have been used as many as 60 million times, and 80 to 100 thousand people use the bikes a day on average. More than 200 thousand people out of 2.1 million Parisians are members of Vélib. JCDecaux, the running company, expresses that it is a revolution of traffic system.

About Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor, the world`s leading LED manufacturer, has been named to Forbes and Business Weeks lists as one of the most promising Asian companies. Its product, Acriche, was recently named as "Product of the Year 2006" by Elektronik, one of the most prestigious electronics magazines in Europe. Seoul Semiconductor`s primary business areas are LED packaging and custom module manufacturing. It provides a full range of LED products including AC-driven semiconductor light source, Acriche, High-brightness Power, Side View, Top, Chip, Lamp and High Flux LEDs, and custom type modules. Applications for the company`s LED products include general lighting, signage, back lighting for mobile phones, TVs, notebook computers, automotive lighting, home appliances, signals, etc. Seoul Semiconductor reported US$200 million in sales in 2006. It has 1,251 patents and 100 licenses as of June 30, 2007. Seoul Semiconductor has 18 branches including 3 overseas corporate offices. Its products are also represented worldwide by more than 90 distributors.

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