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Seoul Semiconductor's LED
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Havells Sylvania released Concord Stadium spotlight range using Seoul Semiconductor's Z-Power LED P4 series

Seoul Semiconductor Press Release - 10/1/2009

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Concord Stadium Spotlight

Concord Stadium Spotlight

SEOUL, South Korea - Seoul Semiconductor (CEO Chung Hoon Lee,, a world's leading LED manufacturer, has recently announced that Havells Sylvania, one of Europe's largest lighting companies, released Concord Stadium spotlight range using Seoul Semiconductor's Z-Power LED P4 series products.

The products of Havells Sylvania using P4 series are characterized by their innovative design, taking the form of sports stadium light. Two kinds of products are released, including Stadium PRO and Stadium EVO, spotlights with a high color rendering index(RA=93). Stadium PRO has been specifically designed for use within museums and galleries with an onboard dimmer system, long life time(50,000hrs), and no IR or UV, while 'Stadium EVO' is ideal for retail applications.

Z-Power LED P4 series delivered to Havells Sylvania are respectively W42180 (Pure White), S42180 (Natural White), N42180 (Warm White) and 16 pieces are applied to each module. Combined with Seoul Semiconductor's own phosphor technology, Z-Power LED P4 series have a higher luminous efficacy and reliability with improved brightness, and these products boast the world's best luminous efficiency with one chip. They can be applied not only to general lighting fixtures but also to other various areas such as architecture lighting, decoration lighting, flashlights as well as cars.

In addition to this, Havells Sylvania is one of Europe's three largest lighting companies with a sales volume of 1 billion US dollars a year, and the British corporation as a supplier of Seoul Semiconductor's products is one of the major lighting companies specializing in LEDs and light bulbs.

With regard to this delivery of Stadium spotlight products in the UK, an official of Seoul Semiconductor said, "Recently, seeing that various kinds of LED lighting products are being developed in a number of European countries including the UK, Seoul Semiconductor can deliver customized products which meet the constantly changing needs of clients. It is expected that Seoul Semiconductor's products will be exported in large quantities not only to the UK, but also to all over Europe."

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