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FLIR Introduces Revolutionary
First Mate Handheld Maritime Thermal Imager

Low-cost thermal imaging camera is the ultimate tool for nighttime navigation

FLIR Systems Press Release - 10/1/2009

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FLIR First Mate

FLIR First Mate line of hand-held maritime thermal night vision cameras

PORTLAND, Or. - FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR) announced the launch of its new First Mate line of hand-held maritime thermal night vision cameras. The perfect nighttime navigation aid for use on any recreational powerboat or sailboat, the First Mate is also a valuable tool for finding people in the water, providing higher image resolution than other hand-held thermal cameras at a fraction of the cost.

First Mate maritime thermal cameras give users the power to see navigation hazards like channel markers, land, other boats and people in the water more clearly - and from farther away - than ever before, even in total darkness. Available for as little as $2,999, no boater can afford to be on the water after dark without the First Mate.

Built to survive the most demanding environmental conditions, the First Mate is fully submersible, runs for over five hours on a single battery charge, and has more than 120 hours of standby battery life. Because the First Mate isn't bolted to your boat, you can take it with you anywhere.

Unlike image intensified night vision binoculars and scopes, thermal night vision cameras from FLIR make pictures from heat, not light, so thermal night vision cameras like the First Mate can see clearly without any light at all. With more maritime thermal cameras at sea around the globe than every other manufacturer combined, FLIR is the world's most trusted name in thermal imaging. First Mate uses the same core thermal night vision technology as FLIR's industry-leading Navigator II, Voyager II and M-Series.

"Thermal imaging has become an indispensable tool for maritime navigation and safety" said Lou Rota, Vice President of Maritime Business Development at FLIR Systems. "Our new First Mate camera combines our industry-leading thermal cameras with our tested military technology to deliver the ultimate hand-held imager for recreational and commercial marine markets."

About FLIR Systems:

Pioneers in infrared technology, FLIR designs, manufactures, and supports thermal imaging systems and subsystems for industrial, scientific, government, commercial, and firefighting applications. With a 40-year history of infrared innovation, +100,000 systems in use worldwide, and development centers and sales offices in over 60 countries, FLIR is the world leader in thermal imaging technology.

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