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EagleTac USA Announces
New Megalight M2SC4 Military Series Flashlight

This powerful quad LED is powered by the Cree MC-E (M bin) and produces 800 Lumens at the emitter

EagleTac-USA Press Release - 10/1/2009

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EagleTac M2C4 900 Lumen LED Flashlight

EagleTac M2SC4 900 Lumen LED Flashlight

WENATCHEE, Wa. - EagleTac USA the official distributor for EagleTac products in the USA announces the addition of a new Megalight to the Military Series for the EagleTac lineup. The new M2SC4 is ready for distribution and has started shipping to our retailers.

The EagleTac M2SC4 utilizes the Cree MC-E (M bin) quad LED with an output of 800 Lumens at the emitter. The CREE MC-E LED features outstanding low thermal resistance and low forward voltage for extreme power-efficient operation. Its relatively small LED dome (primary optics) works flawlessly with the new EagleTac MC-E specified ET55 reflector design. The ET55 Reflector is an all-new design that provides a very defined and bright center spot with wide side spill light. The ET55 reflector is coated with a light textured finish for maximum light transmission and a perfect beam.

The M2SC4 uses the C2800 Light Engine which has proven to be one of the most efficient circuits that regulates extremely well regardless of battery type. The updated C2800 circuit now consumes up to 50% less current in the standby mode and provides a longer standby period.

A Rotary Switch allows users to dial and set the brightness output instantly with just one hand. The ring is made of smooth polycarbonate re-enforced rubber for operation comfort. Easily dial from off/standby to low -> medium -> high -> turbo -> Tactical Strobe for full control at your finger tips.

A Diffuser lens is now included with the base model and optical grade red, green and blue lens/filters are available separately.

The base model includes the following items: Spare O-rings, Stainless Steel Bezel (installed), CR123A Battery Magazines, Aluminum re-enforced Battery Tray, Mil-spec Para-cord Lanyard with quick detach, Heavy Duty Nylon Holster w/ Flip and quick detach ability, User Manual, Diffuser Lens/Filter

About EagleTac-USA: is owned and operated by Pacific Tactical Solutions Inc. a leading distributor of Tactical Flashlights, providing market-driven, technology-enabled, awareness enhancing solutions to first responders, Search & Rescue (SAR), industry professionals, and responsible citizens.

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