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Dual purpose infrared LED light with magnetic mount that can be used as a short range flood light or a long range infrared strobe light

Larson Electronics Magnalight Press Release - 10/6/2009

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Infrared LED Light

Infrared LED Light - 3 watts - 180 Lumens
(stud mount version shown)

DALLAS, Tx. - Larson Electronics introduced the Magnalight LED10W-1SS-IR infrared LED beacon with adjustable magnetic mount. The 2 inch square aluminum housing contains a single 3 watt infrared LED light that is available in 850nm wavelength or 940nm wavelength. The infrared LED sits within a parabolic reflector and is protected by an aluminum face plate and polycarbonate lens. Projecting 180 lumens, the infrared beacon emits non-visible light that can be viewed with night vision equipment.

A three position toggle switch controller enables the operator to switch from continuous operation to beaconing to off. Thus, soldiers can use the LED10W-1SS-IR as a short range spotlight or floodlight in one mode and a long range LED IR beacon in another mode. The 100 pound grip magnetic base will stick to any steel surface, including vehicles and equipment. An 8 foot cord links the IR beacon to the controller and another 8 foot cord brings power to the controller from the cigarette plug. The infrared LED strobe light with magnetic base operates on any voltage ranging from 9 to 50 volts DC. Initially designed and built for the US military, the Magnalight IR beacon is Buy American Compliant and completely assembled in the USA.

"This is a multi-purpose infrared LED light," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics. "Typically, LED lights are separated into two distinct functions, illumination or strobing beacons. The LED10W-1SS-IR combines both into a small unit, with the LED head measuring 2 inches square. The entire unit is less than 5 inches tall and is lightweight. The 100 pound grip magnetic base will hold this small, lightweight unit to any steel surface easily and the IR led light can be removed and put away when not needed. Within this small form factor, is both a short range IR flood light and a long range IR flashing beacon. Thus, operators can use this infrared LED light to illuminate areas to 30 feet with non-visible lighting or they can use it as a directional IR beacon to notify other operators miles away. It draws only ¼ amp on 12 volts, so its current draw is minimal and the unit is IP67 rated, being both dust proof and water proof."

About Larson Electronics Magnalight

Larson Electronics offers a wide range of LED infrared lights for military, security and hunting applications. You can learn more about Larson Electronics at or contact 1-800-369-6671 (1-214-616-6180 international).

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