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LS10P/35P Series LED Power Driver

The benefits of the LS10P/35P series include the ability to dim the LED's

GlacialTech Inc. Press Release - 10/9/2009

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LS10P/35P Series LED Driver

LS10P/35P Series LED Driver

DC-DC LED Constant Current Regulator

DC-DC LED Constant Current Regulator

TAIPEI, Taiwan - GlacialTech Inc, the global provider of PC Cooling, Power supplies, Power drivers and LED lighting has leveraged quality products under the GlacialPower brand with their innovative Light Emitting Diode (LED) Drivers.

The LS10P/35P Series is specifically designed to work in conjunction with LED Tubes and Lightbars, and regulates the voltage and power consumption in the most economical way. The benefits of the LS10P/35P series include the ability to dim the LED's. Many LEDs available on the market will not work after you have dimmed them, but GlacialPower ensures that the LED will continue to function, even after you have dimmed the lights. The added benefit of extreme safety measures including a thorough burn-in test and also a 1 year warrantee ensure a quality product from the GlacialTech Company. The Power factor correction (PFC) of the power driver is also highly specialized and maintains a clean and pure voltage/current ratio to prevent disruption to the power which in turn prevents the LED from deteriorating over time. This added feature enhances the life of your LED's and ensures lower power consumption.

Highlights of the LS10P/35P Series LED Power Driver

• Universal AC input 90~264VAC
• Designed with PFC function=0.9 / 115VAC
• Class II power (w/o earth pin)
• Protection certifications: SCP / OVP / OLP / OTP
• Suitable for -20~70°C
• Constant current design for Hi-Power LED applications
• Plastic Insulation cover with IP67 level
• 100% Burn-In test and 1 year warranty
• Dimming control (PWM / DC) available

Wide product range

GlacialTech is developing a comprehensive range of products under the GlacialPower brand, in conjunction with GlacialLight. The LS10P/35P Power Driver series is the next step in providing greener solutions for low power consumption while giving the highest benefits such as constant current and stable voltage for the LED light source. The current models available include 12W versions with 13-36VDC output and 7-18VDC output. The 35W version outputs 5-31VDC, or 5-48VDC. The dimming function is optional and those models are available from 4-35VDC in the 12W range, whereas the 35W version has output voltage of 5-42VDC. All the LS10P/35P series products and specifications are available on the GlacialPower website here:

Glacialpower will also be launching a DC-DC regulator series which are design with DC input and dimming function for both


• RoHS-compliant 14 Pin DIL Package (Row Dist:5.08mm)
• Constant Current Output (+/-5% Output Current Accuracy)
• Wide Input Voltage Range:7V to 30V (40V for 0.5sec.)
• Driver LED Strings of up to 28V (2V to 28V)
• High Efficiency (up to 95%)
• PWM/Digital Dimming and Analog Voltage Dimming
• Open and Short LED Protection
• -40°C ~ 85°C Operation Temperature Range

DC-DC LED Constant Current Regulator

• 95% High Efficiency Step Down LED Driver (With Dimming Function )

Model No. Input Voltage Output Voltage Rated Current Connector type Tolerance (A) Dimension Watts
GP-LD3528 -0M7~28V2~28V350mAModule5%20 x 10 x 7 mm8 W
GP-LD7028 -0M7~28V2~28V700mAModule7%24 x 14 x 10 mm20 W
GP-LDA028 -0M7~28V2~28V1000mAModule7%24 x 14 x 10 mm24 W

About GlacialTech

GlacialTech Inc., is a diversified provider of cooling, power supply, PC enclosure solutions for the consumer and industrial applications. Having established strong relationships with LED semiconductor Co.'s, thermal, SMPS and mechanism technology leaders worldwide, GlacialTech leverages world-class engineering, efficient manufacturing and highest-quality materials to provide high quality, low power consumption Driver and PSU solutions for indoor, outdoor and other customized applications under the GlacialPower brand.

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