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Magnalight Adds Class 1 Division 2 HID Flashlight
with 1500 Lumens Output

HID flashlight runs for 2 hours on a single charge and produces a beam that reaches 3000 feet

Larson Electronics Press Release - 10/9/2009

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Explosion Proof HID Flashlight

Explosion Proof HID Flashlight

DALLAS, Tx. - Larson Electronics announced the addition of the ATX-25-S, a high powered High Intensity Discharge (HID) flashlight with a UL 783 Class 1 Division 2 rating for groups A, B, C and D. The ballast driven hazardous location flashlight produces 1500 lumens, which generates a bright, white beam that reaches nearly 3000 feet.

This hazardous location flashlight runs for 2 hours on a single charge and an included charging stand enables the operator to charge one battery while using another. The ATX-25-S is the bigger sibling of the ATX-20-S explosion proof flashlight, which is UL 783 rated for Class 1 Division 1 for groups A, B, C and D. While the ATX-20-S is applicable for confined spaces, where the presence of flammable vapors is constant and dense, the ATX-25-S is an even brighter light suitable for areas where those same vapors are sometimes present in lower densities. The ATX-25-S Class 1 Division 2 flashlight ships with a carrying strap, wall charger and vehicle charger within a blow mold carrying case.

"The ATX-20-S is one of our most popular explosion proof flashlights," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics. "The punch power is so far beyond any traditional hand lamp or incandescent explosion proof flashlight. Thus operators inspecting large tanks and vessels don't necessarily need to climb scaffold to highlight the tops of tanks. There are very few explosion proof lights on the market that cover acetylene and hydrogen, like the ATX-20-S and the ATX-25-S. This is one of those lights where sales really cluster around usage."

"Once other operators see this light in use, they want on too. The ATX series is literally a rechargeable metal halide light in a flashlight format. While the ATX-20-S is the most versatile light and can work in all explosion proof and hazardous location areas, it delivers 1200 lumens for 90 minutes. The ATX-25-S is limited to Class 1 Division 2 areas, but at 25 watts it delivers 1500 lumens for 120 minutes. Both lights are water and dust tight and we see the ATX-25-S applicable to pipeline inspection and shipyard and marine applications."

Rob concluded, "We offer a wide range of explosion proof hand lamps. Most are configured to be flood style task lighting. Very few have a spot beam. Basically, the ATX-25-S delivers a bright white beam that reaches 20 times farther for half the money. Plus, there is no cord to drag around, so it is useful in areas where short term inspections take place and there is no established power supply."

About Larson Electronics Magnalight

Larson Electronics produces and sells a wide range of explosion proof and hazardous location lighting, ranging from tripod mounted Class 1 Division 1 lighting to Class 1 Division 2 flashlights like the ATX-25-S. Commercial, industrial and military customers can learn more at or 1-800-369-6671 (1-903-498-3363 international).

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