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Blackfire Introduces
Revolutionary New Blackfire Clamplight

Blackfire Clamplight has been introduced as a fun, useful tool and gift idea

Blackfire™ Press Release - 10/12/2009

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Blackfire™ Clamplight

Blackfire™ Clamplight

NEW YORK, N.Y. - For more than 20 years, Bruce Ancona, founder and CEO of the highly respected design firm A2, has believed in transforming bright ideas into clever consumer products. Continuing this mission, which he calls Reality-Based Design™, Ancona recently founded the company Blackfire™ whose first product introduction is the Blackfire™ Clamplight, a flashlight that clamps, stands and pivots, letting the user focus on the task at hand without worrying about balancing the flashlight.

The strategic objective for the launch is to create a powerful voice for Blackfire and to position the Blackfire Clamplight, with its multifunctional and appealing design, as the superior flashlight on the market. Therefore, the Blackfire Clamplight has been introduced as a fun, useful tool and gift idea and will emphasize the anthropomorphic characteristics and the range of uses of the versatile tool.

Blackfire, with its unusual and versatile new introduction, plans to continue to amaze consumers with innovative and relevant products, characterized by smart, functional design.

About Blackfire

Blackfire® is a company that is driven by innovation.

This passion for innovation comes from Blackfire® founder Bruce Ancona who has spent the last 25 years designing and developing successful, innovative and relevant products for national and international clients with his firm A2. Named as inventors on over 200 patents the teams' work at A2 has won numerous major design competitions including in IDEA, Good Design and iF award programs. A2's work is included in museum collections around the globe. More importantly they have brought smiles to millions of consumers with products that are smart, functional and desired.

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