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Fast Company Lauds Beautifully Designed
Regen Light Powered Electronics

Line of solar-powered products includes stylish Regen ReVu Side Light, plus other electronic devices

Regen, Inc. Press Release - 10/19/2009

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Regen Side Light

When combined with a ReNu solar panel, the Regen Side Light provides a clear LED glow using energy from the sun.

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. - The new line of personal solar-powered electronics from Regen, Inc., bring a bright sense of style and flash to the previously humdrum category of personal solar devices, says the November issue of Fast Company in an article titled "Solar Power With Style" by Paul Hochman.

"Regen's goal is twofold: Bring charm to a sector that has been devoid of it, and more important, satisfy a huge new appetite -- customers with an urge to do good," says the article, says Hochman.

The article praises the performance and aesthetic of four Regen solar devices: the ReNu panel, ReVerb stereo tower, ReBop personal stereo and ReVu task light, all available in spring 2010. Hochman calls the ReVerb the most beautiful iPod dock ever made and says the ReNu, a stylish personal solar panel, is a "portable slab of energy" that will please apartment-dwellers who want to join the solar revolution but "can't put an array on the roof."

The Fast Company article and images of the Regen products can be seen here at Fast Company.

Regen, a light powered consumer electronics start-up based in San Francisco, was founded with a mission to bring new appeal and performance to personal electronics by marrying compelling design with patented solar technology, creating consumer electronics that both empower and inspire.

"We hear a lot these days about sustainability and feel that it can be tangled, noisy and confusing", says David Pierce, Regen's Chief Executive Officer. "The premise behind Regen is transparent and simple: we're making compelling, beautiful products that produce energy, not just consume it. In that process, we aim to reinvent the energy equation in personal and consumer electronics."

ReNu is the cornerstone of Regen's product line and will be rolled out in coming months. The solar tablet includes a rechargeable battery and an intelligent user interface that details how much energy has been harvested and how much remains, cueing users when it is time to place the panel in a sunny window or outdoors. In addition to powering Regen's other products, the ReNu can also charge most any USB device.

Full details about Regen and its products can be found at Regen Living.

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