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PRBA's Lithium Battery Proposals Adopted
by International Dangerous Goods Panel

Rejected proposals...that would have prohibited the transport of lithium metal batteries on both passenger and cargo aircraft

The Rechargeable Battery Association Press Release - 10/22/2009

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Assorted Rechargeable Batteries

Assorted Rechargeable Batteries

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Rechargeable Battery Association said today the International Civil Aviation Organization's Dangerous Goods Panel (DGP) that met in Montreal earlier this month had adopted several proposals supported by the battery trade group, including changes that impact the shipment, packaging and labeling of lithium batteries.

"We are pleased that the DGP acted on a number of issues that are critically important to the battery industry. PRBA has advocated for strong international regulation of an industry truly global in its scope," said PRBA executive director George Kerchner.

"PRBA continues to support efforts aimed at harmonizing U.S. battery regulations with the more stringent international shipping and packaging requirements while expanding and improving the enforcement of existing U.S. regulations by the U.S. Department of Transportation," Kerchner added.

The DGP approved PRBA proposals that will:

-- Facilitate the transport of "low production" and prototype lithium ion batteries, particularly large-format batteries being designed for hybrid and electric vehicles.

-- Allow a smaller handling label on some battery shipping packages.

-- Eliminate outdated and unnecessary limitations on certain liquid cathode lithium metal batteries.

-- Improve the general packaging requirements for lithium batteries.

In other actions at the Montreal meeting, PRBA assisted Canada in winning DGP approval for changes that will allow passengers with medical needs to carry defibrillators powered by lithium ion or lithium metal batteries onboard aircraft and endorsed a proposal by the International Air Transport Association to ban the air transport of used lithium ion and lithium metal batteries being shipped for recycling or disposal unless approved by the appropriate air transport authority and airline.

The DGP also rejected proposals from the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Association that would have prohibited the transport of lithium metal batteries on both passenger and cargo aircraft and eliminated the existing exceptions for the shipment of small lithium ion cells, batteries and consumer products containing these batteries.

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The members of PRBA power the consumer electronics revolution. We deliver a safe, efficient, and essential power source for portable electronic equipment such notebook computers, cell phones, power tools, PDAs, and MP3 players as well as hybrid and electric vehicles. PRBA members produce approximately 70% of the world's lithium-ion cells and account for billions of dollars in annual worldwide sales. With more than 70 members, PRBA is widely recognized as the nation's authoritative source for information on rechargeable batteries.

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