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Edison Opto Offers Flash2016
for Auxiliary Lighting in Mobile Devices

Current is specified at 150mA, 350mA or 1000mA pulse operation base on various design specifications

Edison Opto Corporation Press Release - 10/29/2009

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Edison Opto's Flash 2016 LED

Edison Opto's Flash 2016 LED

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Recognizing the increase application of LED in mobile devices, Edison Opto offers three types of compact SMT packaged LED for camera flash application including, Flash2016 (2.0x1.6x0.8mm), PLCC-3528 and PLCC-5050. These compact and slim LEDs are well-suited for most portable devices.

The rated driving current is specified at 150mA, 350mA or 1000mA pulse operation base on various design specifications. The extended range of models enables customer to adapt and differentiate between cost and performance while delivering high level of quality. The moisture sensitivity level for Flash 2016 and PLCC Flash series are rated at JEDEC 1 and JEDEC 2a, respectively, delivering robustness tolerable in most ambient environment.

Flash 2016, a surface mount device with ultra-compact light source is designed for camera flash in portable digital imaging system. The Flash 2016 products provide typical luminous flux of 105 lm with a driving current of 1A. The higher brightness enabling higher resolution of picture is taken in the darker environments at greater distance. Moreover, the reflow-solderable property of Flash 2016 provides an easy path towards the optimum thermal management to achieve a promising reliability. In conclusion, Flash 2016 offers you a special experience in LED Flash.

Through continuous advancement and dynamic expanding for LED applications, Edison Opto continues to offer competent products with definitive performance over time.

About Edison Opto

Edison Opto is a leading high power LED manufacturer and a solution provider experienced in optical design and thermal management for the emerging SSL market. With R&D headquarter in Taiwan, as well as distribution network over twenty-six countries, Edison Opto offers a diverse range of high power LED products to worldwide commercial, industrial, retail, and residential markets.

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